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German Film Series: Keinohrhasen (Rabbit Without Ears)

Tue, November 22, 2011 | BUR 216

6:00 PM

German Film Series: Keinohrhasen (Rabbit Without Ears)

Keinohrhasen is a 2007 German film written, produced and directed by Til Schweiger.

Remake: in progress; rights purchased in 2010 by Newmark Entertainment

What would gutter-press reporter Ludo do without women? He needs the famous ones for his dirt-digging stories, and the less famous ones for his legendary one-night stands. Blessed with virile bravado and unshakable self-confidence, Ludo usually gets the interviews he wants - and the sexiest girls as well. All goes fine until he lands in big trouble, naked, in the middle of a celebrity party, and is sentenced to 300 hours of social work in a nursery school. Expecting it to be child's play, Ludo is in for a big surprise when he discovers that the place is run by Anna, whom he enjoyed taunting in their primary-school days. 

Free and open to the public

Sponsored by: Germanic Studies

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