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“Commemorating the Dead in Medieval Starsbourg”

Lecture by Dr. Charlotte Stanford

Tue, November 29, 2011 | DFA 2.204

5:00 PM

Dr. Charlotte Stanford of Brigham Young University will be lecturing on November 29 at 5pm in DFA 2.204 on “Commemorating the Dead in Medieval Starsbourg.”   

Late medieval commemoration practices included both performative and fixed works, ranging from prayers to sculptures to the recreation of an entire funeral on the anniversary of a patron’s death. Such works released souls from Purgatory and also enfolded the dead back into the living Christian community. This talk will explore commemoration choices in art and liturgy as organized in Strasbourg’s cathedral and two of its parish churches, St. Thomas and St. Peter the Younger.

Sponsored by: Department of Art and Art History

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