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FIGSO Working Papers Series

Fri, January 27, 2012 | HRH 2.118 French and Italian Lounge

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

In this series of presentations, graduate students in the Department of French and Italian will give talks about their current projects. Please join us!

Beki Post, French Graduate Student

Syntactic patterns in online Arabic-French codeswitching

This presentation details a pilot study on the syntactic patterns in
codeswitching (CS) in Computer Mediated Communication by speakers from
Tunisia and Morocco. Arabic-French data from Facebook pages based in
each country was analyzed primarily by syntactic location and
direction of each with consideration of common content as well.
Overall, the Tunisian data contains a higher frequency of switches
with distinguishable patterns within the data between countries. The
results highlight the role that the speech community may play in CS at
the syntactic level and suggest areas of future research in written
and spoken CS.

Matt Rabatin, Italian Graduate Student

Papa Don't Preach

Pietro Germi’s film Sedotta e abbandonata treats the events following impregnation of
16 year-old Agnese Ascalone, as well as the extreme measures taken in order to protect
her family’s honor. Yet, in this satire of 1960s Sicilian social and sexual mores, it is
Agnese’s father who becomes the focal point of cinematic narration. My analysis of
Sedotta e abbandonata will focus on male protagonist’s crisis of patriarchal authority
and will address issues regarding male spectatorship, the commodification of the female
body, and Germi’s own anxieties regarding Italian national identity.

Sponsored by: FIGSO, Department of French and Italian

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