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1914: Preludes and Echoes/Auftakt und Widerhall

Thu, February 6, 2014 | AT&T Conference Center

The 2014 Conference of the Austrian Studies Association will find its focus in the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, the "Great War."

The conference will offer an interdisciplinary view of the culture and society of the Great War in Austria-Hungary and Central Europe, what led up to it, and how it has continued to echo in history, film, art, memorials, textbooks, city planning, literature, memory. Sessions touch on many facets of Central European and Austrian culture in the Great War, including the immediate successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including not just the war, but its sources, and its later legacies.

For more information please visit the conference web site.

Sponsoring Organizations

This conference would not be possible without the support of four units at the University of Texas at Austin:

  • the Department of German Studies, and Peter Hess, Chair
  • the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, and Mary Neuburger, DIrector
  • the Center for European Studies, and Douglas Biow, Director
  • the Department of History, and Allan Tully, Chair

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