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Normandy Scholar Info Session -- With Pizza!

Thu, September 12, 2019

5:00 PM

Normandy Scholar Info Session -- With Pizza!

The Normandy Scholar Program, which is entering its 31styear at UT, is open to all majors on campus and does not require a foreign language.  It offers one-semester (Spring 2020) of intensive study of the causes, course, and impact of World War Two followed by a nearly month-long faculty-led trip to the most important World War Two sites and museums in London, Normandy, Paris, Berlin, Cracow, and Warsaw.  Students who meet the program requirements and are looking for an extraordinary educational opportunity are invited to apply.


If you would like to acquaint yourself with the program, please view the NSP web site: on the left-hand side of the History Department home page).  There you will see testimonials from past students, such as this one from one of last year’s students, Sophie Schott: “The Normandy Scholar Program changed my life. The program not only equipped me with a plethora of knowledge about the Second World War, but also exposed me to some of the most wonderful professors at UT, challenged me to explore the nuances of historical narratives, and introduced me to some of my dearest friends.  Normandy Scholars is more than a study abroad program or an intensive history research project. It is a community of passionate individuals who challenge each other to dig deeper—both in our academic endeavors and individual goals.  I remember one night in Europe that a few of us stayed up and talked about our dreams.  I was so inspired by my classmates who hoped to integrate their newfound historical knowledge with their future plans, ranging from politics to education to medicine to human rights campaigns.  And as I sat there, there was no doubt in my mind that these people would accomplish great things--I had struggled alongside them to understand some of the darkest moments of the past and marveled at their insight, compassion, and poise in the midst of complex debates and jarring discussions.  During our months in the program, my fellow students and I forged a unique bond, one only shared by those who have in the same day wept together over the human condition and laughed to the point of tears over inside jokes. Yes, Normandy Scholars was a period of immense intellectual growth and academic enrichment, but I believe that the most striking feature of the program is the deep fellowship it fosters among its participants. I am incredibly grateful for my time in NSP, and all of the relationships that I built along the way.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.”


For further information, please contact the Director of the Normandy Scholar Program, Dr. Charters Wynn at, oryou can visit the History Department's Undergraduate Advising Office, Garrison Hall, Room 1.140, 471-7670.

NSP Application Deadline: Monday, October 7. 
The application is available at

Sponsored by: Department of History

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