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Comparative Energy: Policies & Technologies in France and the USA

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Comparative Energy Policies and Technologies
in France and the USA

December 17, 2012

This conference brought together representatives from academia, industry, government, and the media from the USA and France for a conversation about a variety of energy policies and technologies. The central thesis was that while France and the USA both share a similar set of concerns related to the abundance, safety, reliability, and cleanliness of energy, the two countries have taken very different approaches to achieving our respective goals (particularly, for instance, regarding how they have each dealt with nuclear and shale gas). Consequently, each country has different positive and negative results to share. This conference sought to share best practices for solutions to the energy problem while educating participants about the problems and solutions and establishing a collaborative Transatlantic relationship. To this end, this conference specifically sought to compare and contrast the energy landscape in the USA and France around four core topics: shale gas production; the grid (including nuclear, smart grid, renewables and energy efficiency); public policy; and media coverage.

Sponsors: French Embassy, EU Delegation, US Department of Education, UT Center for European Studies, France-UT Institute, UT Cockrell School of Engineering, UT College of Liberal Arts

Partners: French Consulate in Houston, TX; CleanTX Foundation in Austin, TX

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Participating Speakers:

  • Media:
  • Evan Smith, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune
  • Russell Gold, energy writer for the Wall Street Journal
  • Clifford Krauss, energy writer for the New York Times
  • David Sassoon, Founder and publisher, InsideClimate News
  • Karl De Meyer, correspondent at Les Echos
  • Academia:
  • Dr. Douglas Biow, Director, EU Center of Excellence, UT Austin
  • Dean Randy Diehl, College of Liberal Arts, UT Austin
  • Dean Greg Fenves, Cockrell School of Engineering, UT Austin
  • Dr. Patrice Geoffron, Professor of Economics, University Paris Dauphine
  • Prof. Ernie Moniz, Director of MIT's Energy Initiative and former Under Secretary of the Department of Energy
  • Dr. JP Nicot, Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin
  • Dr. David Spence, McCombs School of Business, UT Austin
  • Prof. James Sweeney, Director of Stanford University's Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
  • Dr. Scott Tinker, Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin
  • Dr. Michael Webber, Professor, Medchanical Engineering, UT Austin
  • Policy and Government:
  • The Honorable Frédéric Bontems, Consul General of France, Houston
  • Hon. Mark Strama, Representative, Texas House of Representatives
  • Dr. Franck Carre, Scientific Director of the Nuclear Energy Division, Commissariat a l'energie atomique et aux energies alternatives (CEA), France
  • Dr. Paul Lucchese, Advisor to the General Director, New Technologies for Energy, Commissariat a l'energie atomique et aux energies alternatives (CEA), France
  • Dr. François Moisan, Executive Director of Strategy, Research and International Affairs, ADEME
  • Cyril Pinel, Counselor for Nuclear Energy at the Embassy of France, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Varun Rai, LBJ School of Public Affairs, UT Austin
  • Industry:
  • Paul Cavicchi, Executive Vice President, Stategy, Risk and Portfolio Management, GDF SUEZ Energy North America
  • Roger Duncam, Former General Manager of Austin Energy
  • Pierre Gauthier, President and CEO, Alstom US
  • Mike Goins, Supply Chain Executive (formerly of Total Petrochemicals USA)
  • Rod Nelson, VP of Communications and Innovation & Collaboration, Schlumberger
  • Jean-Baptiste Siproudhis, VP Communications, Compliance and Risk Management, Electricite de France
  • Dr. Finis Southworth, CTO, AREVA, Inc.

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