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There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to become involved with the Center. If you are interested in any of the activities below, please contact Matthew Rabatin at the Center for more information.

Class Visits: Speakers Bureau

Through the Center's Outreach Program, students (both undergraduate and graduate) and faculty have the opportunity to take their expertise to K-12 classrooms. Throughout the year, teachers at schools in Austin and surrounding areas contact CES to request speakers on a variety of subjects from literature and history to government and policy. You might teach some second graders new words in German or discuss the latest events in France with a group of high school sophomores. It's a fantastic opportunity to share with kids in your community.

Euro Challenge: Mentor Program

CES is home to the Texas Regionals for the annual Euro Challenge competition. The competition brings together teams of 9th and 10th graders from Texas high schools who present information about the euro and one specific difficulty a euro member country faces financially. Teams spend months researching their country and topic. To assist these students, we pair a graduate student at UT with a team to act as a guide. Graduate students do not need to be experts in the field but must have some basic knowledge of economics and the euro and be willing to research the topic in order to act as a mentor. Depending on the location of the school/team, mentors may meet with the students in person or schedule meetings via Skype. Mentors are paid for their time in both research and time spent with their team.

Undergraduate Volunteers

Undergraduate students from all disciplines are welcome to volunteer for the many activities we host throughout the year. Students might help at conferences, workshops, or student activities such as Explore UT. Such activities are a great chance to get to know other students as well as network and make connections that would be useful in the near future when applying for graduate school or jobs.

Depending on the event and its budget, we are sometimes able to compensate students for their time.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Matthew Rabatin at the CES offices.

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