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Wed, March 9, 2011

The Department of French and Italian at the University of Texas at Austin is glad to announce a new program of teaching and training in Italy, organized in collaboration with the the Network of Autonomous Schools of the Lombardy Region, to begin in Fall 2011. Deadline for application is March 21, 2011.

The Study, Intercultural Training Internship and Experience Program (SITE) for English Teaching Assistant in the School’s of Lombardy is a linguistic and cultural exchange opportunity for stu-dents who recently graduated (within the past 18 months) or are currently attending graduate courses, to work as an English-speaking academic assistant in Italy’s Lombardy region high schools. The program, spanning from 3 to 8 months, is an ideal position for flexible, adventurous candidates as their “assistance” is based on their native linguistic capacity and tasks can range from direct teaching hours, to preparing projects that institutions find relevant for academic purposes. An ideal candidate has pursued Italian language and culture as a major or minor field of study and has some language proficiency, as the position of “academic assistant” is ideal for better understanding of the Italian Language and culture. On a weekly basis, selected candidates will be required to instruct/aid 12 hours in English,  and are expected to pursue an additional 13 hours of related activities. Students will be compensated a monthly stipend of 600 euros.

Students interested in the program will need to submit the following documents:
1. Application Form, available from the program website.
2. Cover letter to accompany all the materials, stating: motivation, interest in the program, and a self-introduction (500-700 words)
3. Letter of recommendation from a professor; use the form.
4. Transcript of university grades from the most recent term of study.
5. 500-word essay, in Italian, on the following topic:
“Immagina di insegnare in una delle scuole superiori della Lombardia: in quale classe vorresti in-segnare? Che cosa ti piacerebbe insegnare? Illustra una lezione-tipo, concentrandoti specialmente su contenuti, metodi, e motivazioni della tua lezione.” (PLEASE NOTE: A high level of proficiency in Italian language and culture gives preference to those candidates.)

Please submit your documents and application form by MARCH 21st to Prof. Paola Bonifazio, French and Italian Department (you can leave your application in her mailbox in Rainey Hall, ground floor).

For more information about the program, contact Prof. Bonifazio, or visit the website of the SITE Program.




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