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UT Faculty Exchange Fellowship of $3,500 Available for Conducting a Seminar in Paris

Wed, October 5, 2011

UT Faculty Exchange Fellowship of $3,500 Available

Faculty Exchange - UT Austin & EHESS (Paris):
Call for proposals on Islam and Europe

The Center for European Studies at UT Austin has opened a faculty exchange with the École des Hautes Études (EHESS) in Paris. Our goal is to bring together researchers representing different fields of study in the United States and France to discuss issues of common interest on the theme of Islam and Europe.

Europe has a long shared history with Islam, from the early 8th century with the beginning of Muslim rule on the Iberian Peninsula until today, when Islam has become “globalized.” Muslims have established permanent communities in countries far from the historic core territories of Islam. The consequences of this change are arguably felt strongest in Europe, with an estimated 38 million Muslim citizens and permanent residents representing 5% of the continent’s total population. Europe is a critical site where Islam’s place in the world is rethought. Some Muslims in Europe have looked for a “Euro-Islam” or, alternatively, for pan-Islamism encompassing a global community of believers. Other groups have asserted Europe’s own models of identity formation, such as nationalism and secularism with their paradoxical expressions of universality and particularism. This process has been accompanied with social tensions, polemics, and sometimes violence.

The Center for European Studies is inviting proposals from members of the UT Austin faculty interested in presenting their research on a topic related to Islam and Europe at the EHESS during the academic year 2011-12. The participant’s travel and housing expenses will be covered up to $3,500 for a visit of approximately a week.  Applications can be submitted electronically to Please include a CV and a proposal of no more than 1500 words detailing the project or paper to be presented. DEADLINE: 7 NOVEMBER 2011.

Examples of Possible Topics:

  • Islam and the role of the European Union
  • Historical links between Europe and the historic lands of Islam (commerce, diplomacy, scholarship, war and colonialism)
  • The radical right in Europe and Islam
  • Euro-Islam and Muslim identities in Europe
  • Emigration and immigration
  • Violence, security debates and threats, civil rights
  • Transnational citizenship, and other responses to the question of inclusion and exclusion in the European sphere
  • Conceptualizing and theorizing Europe’s borders
  • Debates and policies on assimilation, integration, and multiculturalism (gender norms and questions of sexuality)
  • Debates and policies concerning secularism and Islam (education, sharia, headscarves)
  • Epistemological questions and Orientalism
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