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"Texas and Germany: Energy Twins?" Panel Discussion, Networking, and Dinner Reception

Tue, August 12, 2014

September 2, 2014
2:00PM - 5:00 PM
AT&T Executive Edcation and Conference Center Room 203



Germany and Texas: Energy Twins? 

There are surprising similarities in the way German and Texas think about their electricity markets. Both are fully deregulated and competitive. Both have large and growing amounts of wind and solar power. Both have economically-efficent “energy-only” markets, where power producers get paid for their energy, not for providing stand-by capacity.  And both have questions about market structures and avoiding blackouts.

A delegation of German energy officials and experts are visiting Austin to learn about market design issues, to see what lessons from the Texas experience can be applied back home. Join us for a symposium featuring experts from Germany and Texas to see what the future holds for energy markets. 

Join us afterwards for a reception at Saengurrende Hall to welcome our guests.

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