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Summer Language Institute 2012 Registration Open - Scholarships Available

Wed, February 15, 2012
Summer Language Institute 2012 Registration Open - Scholarships Available

The 2012 Summer Language Institute (SLI), coordinated through the Texas Language Center in the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin, gives students the opportunity to fulfill their 2-year foreign language requirement in just one summer! Courses in Italian as well as three less commonly taught languages—Czech, Vietnamese, and Yiddish—will be taught in a unique semi-immersion language learning environment by the award-winning language teaching staff at the University of Texas, leading scholars and researchers in language pedagogy, literature, cultural literacy, and area studies.

SLI students will live with their peers in dormitory language clusters on the UT-Austin campus, together with a native-speaker graduate Teaching Assistant to mentor them in their language development through daily study/practice sessions, homework help, and everyday interactions.

In addition to weekday classes, students will enjoy many cultural activities in their foreign language, including regional cooking demonstrations, game nights, scavenger hunts, movie nights, and lectures and arts presentations from native speakers and scholars on a wide variety of topics. Weekends and some weeknight evenings are open for enjoying other activities on campus and the rest of Austin.

This intensive “jumpstart” provides a solid and thorough foundation in the language basics, allowing future specialists to enroll in advanced classes that delve even deeper into the language and culture, future CEOs to tackle a non-linguistic degree from a global perspective, or high achievers who want to clear up their schedules to get out into the world that much faster.

The SLI’s in-residence, intensive language instruction coupled with engaging cultural activities provides the next best thing to a study abroad experience without the expense and 10-hour flight!

The cost will be approximately $3,700 plus UT tuition for the 12 hours of credit. The SLI fees cover everything—dorm-style accommodations, meals, special language activities, in-residence graduate Teaching Assistants, practice sessions, and study halls. This is one of the best-priced 2-year language programs available. Registration is open and there will be partial scholarships for the first 40 students that confirm registration. Note the registration deadline is April 1, 2012 and spaces are limited.

The SLI will run from May 31 to August 13, 2012. More information about the 2012 SLI is available on the SLI website: and during three online information sessions:  

  • Wednesday, January 18, 2012
  • Monday, February 13, 2012
  • Thursday, March 22, 2012

To attend one of the online information sessions, enter the URL in your web browser at 7 PM Central time. When the page displays, click “Enter as Guest,” type the participant name you want to use, and then click the “Enter Room” button.

For information about scholarships, please visit


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