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Wed, June 6, 2012
Global I.Q. with

Global I.Q. with The Economist: Deception: East-West Espionage Today
Thursday, June 14
10:00 am/CT ; 11:00 am/ET

From the capture of Sidney Reilly, the 'Ace of Spies', by Lenin's Bolsheviks in 1925, to the deportation from the USA of Anna Chapman, the 'Redhead under the Bed', in 2010, Kremlin and Western spymasters have battled for supremacy for nearly a century.

In Deception Edward Lucas uncovers the real story of Chapman and her colleagues in Britain and America, unveiling their clandestine missions and the spy-hunt that led to their downfall. It reveals unknown triumphs and disasters of Western intelligence in the Cold War, providing the background to the new world of industrial and political espionage. To tell the story of post-Soviet espionage, Lucas draws on exclusive interviews with Russia's top NATO spy, Herman Simm, and unveils the horrific treatment of a Moscow lawyer who dared to challenge the ruling criminal syndicate there.

Edward Lucas is International Section Editor; he has also covered the central and east European region for over 20 years. His postings included stringing for The Economist in communist-era Czechoslovakia and later in the Baltic States, as well as being editorial director of the Economist Intelligence Unit in Vienna. In 1996 he became Berlin correspondent and in 1998 Moscow Bureau Chief. After leaving Russia in 2002 Mr Lucas covered education and transport for the Britain section until 2005. He is the author of "Deception", a book about Russian espionage, published in March 2012. His first book was the "The New Cold War" published in February 2008. He is a regular broadcaster on international and British outlets, including the BBC's "Today" program, "Start the Week" and "Newsnight".

The webinar is co-sponsored by the World Affaris Councils of Dallas and Austin.

The webinar is free of charge but registration is required.

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