PSY 359H: Honors Research I (43475)

Spring 2013

M 9am-Noon

Location SEA 3.250


Who Office Office Hours email
Art Markman SEA 5.218 Wed. 1-3pm
or by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Who Office Office Hours email Lab/Office Phone
Daniel Woodie SW7 #103 Wed. 4-5pm
Friday 2-3pm 979-248-2012

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Course information

This course is designed as a "lab meeting" for the students doing honors research. Here, you'll get guidance about your honors project. We'll talk about doing a literature review and about designing a study. The group will serve as a sounding board for research ideas. We'll review materials for experiments and make suggestions about data analyses.

In addition to talking about research, we'll also discuss careers in Psychology and related fields. Depending on the interests of the group, we can talk about admission to graduate school, and the many fields of study that you can pursue after getting your degree.

Your grade will be based on your performance on the written assigments. Due dates for the written assignments are presented below.


Obviously, the main requirement to be in this course is to have been accepted into the honors program. If you have not been accepted into the honors program (or are not sure), please check with Prof. Markman before attending the class. You ought to know whether you were accepted into the honors program, because you would have been in this seminar last semester as well.

The goal for this semester is to identify the project you want to complete, to write several drafts of your literature review, to outline the methods of your study, and to obtain approval from the IRB or IACUC to conduct your research.

Key Dates

February 4: Identify project. Write a paragraph describing your project.

March 4: First draft of Lit Review due

April 8: Second draft of Lit Review due

May 7: Final draft of Lit Review due

Sample Papers

Here are a couple of papers from past honors seminars chosen more-or-less at random as examples for you to ponder as you work on your drafts.

Sample paper 1

Sample paper 2


Student Information

In order to keep track of what everyone is up to, here's a list of the students in this seminar. Eventually, all of you will have home pages, which will be linked to this page. Also, if you have a personal home page, it can be linked to your name in this table.
Student Name Project Title Project Home Page