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Italian Placement Testing on 08/28 in HRH 2.106B @ 1:30 pm

Faculty and Graduate Student Colloquium

Fri, March 4, 2011 | HRH 2.118 French and Italian Lounge

3:30 PM

Karen Pagani
“Clément par vengeance?": Rousseau on Forgiveness

This essay explores the degree to which Rousseau juge de Jean-Jacques can be read as an attempt on Rousseau’s part to engage directly with his contemporaries as to the meaning and value of forgiveness. It will be argued that the understanding of forgiveness that Rousseau endorses within the text is presented  as being antithetical to the decidedly hierarchical and magnanimous model that his contemporaries had by and large embraced. Whereas Rousseau’s primary aim in so doing was to highlight the means by which forgiveness was employed by the philosophes to discredit him further not only in his own eyes but in the eyes of the public, the text—when read alongside Rousseau’s other works—sketches and indeed even enacts what, we may assume, Rousseau considered to be paradigmatic forgiveness. 

Rebekah Post
Code-switching in the Determiner Phrase: French in contact with Moroccan and Tunisian Arabic

As past researchers have noted differences in the syntax of switching by speakers of Moroccan and Tunisian Arabic, Rebekah Post has designed an online auditory survey to explore whether ratings of code-switching authenticity would be affected by switches at different syntactic locations within the Determiner Phrase. In this way it is possible to compare stated ratings with two proposed syntactic constraints on code-switching. While each chosen constraint was formulated in part based on a dialect under study, they predict contradictory switch possibilities. While syntax does seem to have an effect on authenticity ratings, violations of the proposed constraints do not result in low ratings. Many differences can be seen between the two groups, all of which are difficult to explain based on syntax alone.


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Italian Placement Testing 

Professor Antonella will be administering placement exams on Monday, August 28th in HRH 2.106B at 1:30 pm. If you are seeking to take an Italian Language Placement Test, please attend this session. Due to time constraints makeups are not guranteed.

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