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French Linguistics Grad Faculty and Affiliates

Photo of David P Birdsong

David P Birdsong

Professor, French Linguistics |
512-471-7299 |
HRH 2.122

Education: Ph.D., Harvard University, Romance Languages and Literatures

Interests: second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, bilingualism, French linguistics

Photo of Carl S Blyth

Carl S Blyth

Associate Professor, French Linguistics |
512-471-7600 |
HRH 3.114A

Education: Ph.D., French Linguistics, Cornell University

Interests: Applied linguistics (instructional technology, corpus linguistics, pedagogical grammar); French sociolinguistics (style, stance and interaction); Discourse studies (narrative analysis, cultural scripts, indexicality)

Photo of Barbara E. Bullock

Barbara E. Bullock

Professor, French Linguistics |
HRH 3.108B

Education: Ph.D., Linguistics, Delaware

Interests: Code-switching; bilingualism and language contact; language variation and change; sociophonetics; computational and corpus linguistics

Photo of Patience L. Epps

Patience L. Epps

Professor, Department of Linguistics

Education: Ph.D., Linguistic Anthropology, University of Virginia

Interests: Descriptive and documentary work on indigenous Amazonian languages, typology, language contact and language change

Photo of Zenzi M. Griffin

Zenzi M. Griffin

Professor, Department of Psychology |
SEA 5.214

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Interests: Language production, speech errors, personal names, and psycholinguistics

Photo of Lars Hinrichs

Lars Hinrichs

Associate Professor, Department of English

Education: Ph.D., 2006, English Linguistics, University of Freiburg

Interests: Sociolinguistics; anthropological linguistics; corpus linguistics, Pidgins and Creoles; computer-mediated communication

Photo of Patricia Kyle

Patricia Kyle

Director of Online Instruction, French |
512 471 2200 |
HRH 3.108C

Education: PHD French Linguistics, Indiana University Bloomington

Interests: Language Learning and Instruction, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching Languages with Technology, Digital Instructional Design

Photo of Knud P. Lambrecht

Knud P. Lambrecht

Professor Emeritus, French Linguistics

Education: PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Photo of Richard P. Meier

Richard P. Meier

Professor, Department of Linguistics

Education: Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Interests: Linguistics of signed languages, American Sign Language, first language acquisition

Jean-Pierre Montreuil

Professor, French Linguistics |
512-471-6555 |
HRH 3.108A

Education: PhD, Romance Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Theoretical phonology and morphology; prosody, dialectology

Photo of Marc Pierce

Marc Pierce

Associate Professor, Department of Germanic Studies

Education: Ph.D, Germanic Linguistics, University of Michigan

Interests: Historical linguistics, Germanic linguistics and philology, history of linguistics, phonology, Scandinavian studies

Photo of Cinzia Russi

Cinzia Russi

Associate Professor, French Linguistics |
512-471-7024 |
HRH 3.110B

Education: Ph.D., 2003, Linguistics, University of Washington

Interests: Historical linguistics, Grammaticalization, Aspectualizers, Morphosyntax, Morphology, Italian Dialects, Comparative Romance Linguistics, Cognitive Grammar, Pragmatics, Lexical Semantics

Photo of Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

Almeida Jacqueline Toribio

Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Education: Ph.D., 1993, Linguistics, Cornell University

Interests: Bilingualism and language contact, morphology, syntax, sociolinguistics, Caribbean studies, US Latino and border studies, Afro-Latin American and African studies

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