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Grad Faculty (Department and Affiliates)

Mirka Benes

Associate Professor, School of Architecture |
512-232-7384 |
SUT 3.138

Education: Ph.D., M.Phil., Yale University, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: History of landscape architecture, Renaissance architectural and landscape history, history of landscape architecture, Antiquity to the Present, Italian Renaissance 
and Baroque Architecture, especially the City of Rome, landscape representation, p
ainting, and cartography, historiography and methodologies

Photo of Daniela Bini

Daniela Bini

Professor, Italian and Comparative Literature |
512-471-5995 |
HRH 3.112C

Education: PhD, University of Texas, Austin

Photo of Douglas G. Biow

Douglas G. Biow

Superior Oil Company-Linward Shivers Centennial Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Studies |
512-471-7267 |
HRH 2.110B

Interests: cultural, literary, art, medical, diplomatic, and intellectual history of Renaissance Italy; masculinities; the history of individualism

Photo of Paola Bonifazio

Paola Bonifazio

Associate Professor, Italian Studies |
512-471-1561 |
HRH 3.110A

Education: PhD, New York University

Interests: Italian Cinema; Film Theory and History, including Documentary and Experimental; Cultural Studies; Gender Studies; media convergence and transmedia storytelling

Photo of Joseph C Carter

Joseph C Carter

Centennial Professor in Classical Archaeology Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities #3 |
512-232-9321 |
MCC 1.406

Education: PhD, Princeton University

Interests: Greek and Roman art and archaeology

Photo of John R Clarke

John R Clarke

Annie Laurie Howard Regents Professor in Fine Arts, Department of Art History |
512-232-2355 |
DFA 2.114

Education: PhD, Yale

Interests: Greek and Roman art and architecture

Photo of Penelope Davies

Penelope Davies

Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History |
512-232-2319 |
DFA 2.510

Education: PhD, Yale University

Interests: Roman art and architecture

Andrew Dell'Antonio

Professor, School of Music; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies |
512-471-7836 |
MRH 3.214

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Interests: Musicology and ethnomusicology

Photo of Alison K. Frazier

Alison K. Frazier

Associate Professor, Department of History and Department of Religious Studies |
512-475-6375 |
GAR 2.148

Education: Ph.D., 1997, Columbia University

Interests: Machiavelli and trauma, humanist contributions to the breviary, hexameral commentary in the Renaissance, editions of Renaissance saints' lives, census of the hagiographic collection entitled Sanctuarium (Milan c. 1478)

Luisa Nardini

Associate Professor, School of Music |
512-232-2069 |
MBE 3.602

Interests: Gregorian chant, medieval music theory, music and visual art, manuscript studies, oral and written transmission of liturgical chant

Photo of Guy P Raffa

Guy P Raffa

Associate Professor, Italian Studies |
512-232-5492 |
HRH 3.104A

Education: PhD, Indiana University

Interests: Dante Studies, Italian Literature and Culture, Public Scholarship, Digital Humanities

Photo of Wayne A Rebhorn

Wayne A Rebhorn

Mildred Hayek Vacek and John Roman Vacek Chair of English |
512-471-8759 |
PAR 328

Education: Ph.D., 1968, Yale University

Interests: English and European Renaissance literature, Renaissance rhetoric

Photo of Circe Sturm

Circe Sturm

Professor, Department of Anthropology |
512-232-1561 |
SAC 5.122

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Photo of Maurizio Viroli

Maurizio Viroli

Professor, Department of Government

Education: Ph.D., European University Institute in Florence

Interests: History of political thought; classical republicanism and neo-republicanism; Niccolò Machiavelli; Jean Jacques Rousseau; republican iconography; the relationship between religion and politics, patriotism, constitutionalism, classical rhetoric; political communication; citizenship and civic education

Louis Waldman

Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History |
512-232-2610 |
DFA 2.110

Interests: Italian Renaissance and Baroque art

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