The Department of French and Italian

French Fellowship Policies

Fellowship support of any kind is contingent upon meeting fellowship standards of a minimum GPA of 3.70 with no incompletes, academic professionalism, and satisfactory progress to degree including but not limited to meeting progress to degree milestones.

Conference Travel Awards for presentation

1.    Students making presentations at conferences are eligible for up to $6,000 over the six year period of fellowship support in scholarships to help defer travel related expenses, excluding meals and entertainment.  Please consult the graduate coordinator for your current balance.  

2.    Students complete the Graduate Student Request for Travel Funds and obtain their research supervisor’s and the graduate advisor’s signatures. This fully completed and signed form is to be given to the graduate coordinator two weeks prior to travel.

3.    Upon completion of travel, expenses and conference participation are to be verified by the graduate coordinator.

4.    Upon successful verification, a scholarship is issued.

Enrichment Activity Funding

1.    In addition to, and separate from, the $6,000 allotment for travel to present conference papers, an allotment of up to $4,000 to be used over 6 years is available to each French graduate student to support opportunities for academic and professional enrichment. These activities include, but are not limited to, participation in workshops, seminars, short courses, and institutes. If a student has used all of their conference travel funds, then eligible graduate students may also use Enirhcment Funds to present at conferences, as needed. Support from this enrichment fund can also be applied to attendance at conferences where students are not presenting papers.

2.    In order to receive this support, students must obtain from their supervising professor or graduate advisor a signed Enrichment Activities Prior Approval Form that endorses participation in the specified enrichment activity and explains how the activity would enhance graduate training and scholarship in French Studies or French Linguistics.

3.    This form should be filed with the graduate coordinator two weeks prior to the proposed activity.

4.    Proof of expenses and specified enrichment activity participation, are provided to the graduate coordinator for verification.

5.    Upon completion of verification, a scholarship is issued.

Non-conference travel expenses

For travel not associated with conference presentation travel or not covered by enrichment activities funding, students are expected to use their fellowship stipends, research awards, AI/TA stipend support scholarships or personal funds to cover non-conference and non-enrichment activity travel expenses, including but not limited to, transportation, lodging, food, and study abroad insurance.

Annual $5,000 Research Awards

1.   An approved proposal is required – see graduate advisor and/or call for proposals for details

2.   Purpose: for scholarly work begun in previous long-session semesters and completed in May through August under the supervision of a faculty member from the Department of French and Italian. The aim of this funding is to support timely completion of the Ph.D., prospective job placement, and professional development beyond required course work. These awards also provide graduate students with experience and training in crucial areas not currently available through the department.

3.   Each year students may submit either one research proposal or one workshop attendance proposal, but not both.

4.   Deliverables are due to research supervisors on September 1st of the next academic year, with the documentation and the completed Compliance forms due to the GAFA chair October 1st. Deliverables include one or more of the following: an article for a scholarly journal; a conference paper for an established national or international conference in the student’s field, or upon the research supervisor’s recommendation at a FIGSO working paper series event or departmental colloquium; a significant piece of dissertation work and/or an outside grant or fellowship proposal which will be presented at a FIGSO working paper series event or departmental colloquium during a long-semester of the academic year; or proof of successful completion of the approved institute or workshop program.

5.   Application content: A one-page overview of the project, workshop, or institute, a work plan for the research and writing to be accomplished from May-August of that academic year when applicable; and Research Proposal Assessment from a faculty mentor/supervisor in the department.

6.   Eligibility: First time application or successful, documented completion of previous year’s Research Award. Students who did not receive $25,000 or $26,000 full fellowship support in same academic year. Cannot be a summer AI, Lyon assistant, or have other significant summer employment during the academic year of the Research Award.  Cannot be completing the 6th year (12th long-session semester). Continues to meet all fellowship eligibility standards at end of the spring semester.

7.   Documentation: Applications will be kept in the students’ files.  Documentation of completion and compliance verification forms to be placed in students’ files.

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