The Department of French and Italian

Recent Ph.D. Recipients

Summer 2020

French Linguistics

  • Joshua Griffiths. Visiting Lecturer in French at Northeastern University of Boston. A Comprehensive Reanalysis of Schwa Realization in Contemporary Metropolitan French

Spring 2020

French Linguistics

  • James Law. Assistant Professor in the French & Italian Department at Bringham Young University. Diachronic dynamics of metonymy in French semantic frames
  • Elizabeth Mayne. Lecturer in French at The University of Texas at Austin. An Old Tradition in a New Space: A Critical Discourse Analysis of YouTubers' Metalinguistic Commentary on Quebec French
  • Rozen Neupane. Researcher for the Department of Cultural Heritage of Canada. A multidisciplinary approach to studying language attitudes and language use in the Ottawa-Gatineau region

French Studies

  • Stephanie Brynes. Aesthetic Suicide in Avant-Garde Literature of the 1920s: Portraits of Self-Destruction by Breton, Gide, and Cocteau
  • Maxence LeconteLecturer in French at The University of Texas at Austin. Modernity Beyond the Ring: Visual, Artist and Literary Portraits of Boxers in France (1903-1938)

Summer 2019

French Studies

  • Laetitia Zembski. Mes Tissages: Self-Fashioning and Performance in the Autobiographical Work of Sand, Bernhardt and Colette

Italian Studies

  • Altina Hoti. Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Female Intellectuality: The Paradozes of Dora D'Istria and the Gendering of Risorgimento Italy

Spring 2019

French Linguistics

  • Fanny Macé. #Présidentielle2017 A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 2017 French Presidential Campaign on Twitter

French Studies

  • Ashley Voeks. Assistant Professor of French at Texas Tech University. Pourquoi Me Persecutes-Tu?: Martyrdom and Religious Violence in French Literature, 1554-1643

Italian Studies

  • Amanda Bush. Lecturer in Italian Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Self-Presentation, Representation, and a Reconsideration of Cosa nostra through teh Expanding Narrative of Tommaso Buscetta

Summer 2018

French Studies

  • Clemence Ozel. French Teacher in Austin Independent School District. Queer Topographies iN Contemporary French Cinema: The Films of Celine Sciamma, Verginie Despentes, and Emilie Jouvet

Spring 2018

French Studies

  • Yasmina Fawaz. Lecturer in French Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Re-Imagining Environmental Waste: An Ecocritical Reading of Contemporary African Women Writers
  • Ryan Swankie. Lecturer in French Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Aesthetic Activism: The Poetics of Stage Direction in the Theaters of Apollinaire, Artaud, and Genet
  • Jocelyn Wright. Instructional Designer at Blackbaud. Beur, Blanc, Black: The Banlieue Talks Back in Novels, Films, and Graphic Novels

Summer 2017

French Linguistics

  • McBride, Adam. Assistant Professor, Bringham Young University. The Denasalization of French Nasal Vowels in Liaison

French Studies

  • Valérie Masson. French Lecturer at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.

Italian Studies

  • Paola D'Amora. Cinematic representations of Italian office workers from the death of the travet to Fantozzi, 1952-1983
  • Elizabeth Florea. Turning the Tables on Romance: Rustichello Da Pisa Invents a New Chivalric Table in His Arthurian Complication

Spring 2017

French Linguistics

  • Stephanie Russo. The Imparfait Lorrain in the Context of Grammaticalization

French Studies

  • Audrey Doussot. Mediated Authority: Portraits of the Writer in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction from Baudelaire to Beigbeder

Italian Studies

  • Stephanie Hotz. The Italian Musciarello: Youth, Gender, and Modernization in Postwar Popular Cinema

Fall 2016

French Studies

  • Nicholas Spinelli. Inbound Marketing Manager for Bureau Works. Family-Friendly: Homo-Affinity in the French Sentimental Novel, 1770-1850


Graduates Prior to Fall 2016

Bacuez, Nicholas. Senior Taxomony Analyst at, 2013 Graduate School Outstanding Dissertation Award. Automated Pattern Recognition for Intonation (Print). An Essay On Intonational Phonology and Categorization. Fall 2012

Bethel, Marnie. World Languages Faculty, Albuquerque Academy. Rachel, the Circulation of the Image, and the Death of Tragedy. Fall 2012

Boerm, Michael L.  Senior Lecturer of French, Baylor University. Pourquoi 'Pas': The Socio-Historical Linguistics Behind the Grammaticalization of the French Negative Marker. Fall 2008

Bosworth, Yulia. Assistant Professor of French Linguistics, Binghamton University, State University of New York. Weight and Feet in Quebecois. Spring 2011

Burkhart, Claire. Reading and Writing Women: Representing the Femme de lettres in Stendhal, Balzac, Girardin, and Sand. Spring 2011

Burnett-Henderson, Beth. Temporary Lecturer of French, Baylor University. Bourdieu's Linguistic Market and The Spread of French in Protectorate Morocco

Dalola, Amanda J. Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina. Un drôle de bruit_hhh: A sociophonetic examination of the production and perception of final vowel devoicing among L1 and L2 speakers of French. Spring 2014

de Mattos, Rudy F. The Discourse of Women Writers in the French Revolution: Olympe de Gouges and Constance de Salm. Spring 2007

Demos, Melissa. Assitant Professor, Hamilton College. Time and the Experience of Narrative in Italian Renaissance Art. Fall 2015

Dow, Anna Troyansky. Mother Daughter Tongue: The Language Use of North African Women in France. Summer 2016

Gaskill, Anne. Information Technology Manager at The University of Texas at Austin. Italian Metaphony in Optimality Theory with Candidate Chains. Fall 2013

Gertken, Libby. Priming of Relative Clause Attachment During Comprehension in French as a First and Second Language. Spring 2013

Gott, Michael R. Assistant Professor, The University of Cincinnati. Re-Charting French Space: Transnationalism, Travel and Identity From the Postcolonial Banlieue to Post-Wall Europe. Spring 2011

Gray II, Richard J. Associate Professor, Carson-Newman College. French Radio Drama from the Interwar to the Post-War Period (1922-1973). Spring 2006

Green, Viola. Teaching Postdoc of French, Georgia Tech. Native and Non-Native Intuitions on the Phonology of Binomial Locutions. Summer 2016

Guilloteau, Nancy. Distinguished Senior Lecturer, The University of Texas at Austin. Modification of Phonetic Categories in French as a Second Language: Experimental Studies with Conventional and Computer-Based Intervention Methods. Spring 1997

Jones, Claire C. Lecturer, The University of Texas at Austin. From the Countryside and City to Edges and Interstices: Places and Spaces of the Quotidien in Contemporary French Film and Literature. Spring 2013

Katz Bourns, Stacey L. Professor of French and the Director of the World Languages Center, Northeastern University. The Syntactic and Pragmatic Properties of the C'est-cleft Construction

Marshall (Keating), Kelle L. Associate Professor of French Studies and French Studies Program Coordinator, Pepperdine University. Le Centre Culturel Aberdeen: Minority Francophone Discourses and Social Space. Spring 2011

LeBoeuf, Ava C. Faculty, George Ranch High School. The Proverbe Dramatique Before Carmontelle - Spring 2010

Lehman, Meredith. Head of Education at Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Out of Place: Exilic Absence in the Writing and Photography of Hugo, Zola, and Loti. Spring 2016

Mabrey, Beatrice. (Re)Membering the Past: WWII - The Years of Lead in Contemporary Italian Literature, Theater, and Cinema. Fall 2015

Marchetti, Ettore Associate Lecturer, University of Exeter. Silenzio In Sala: Parla Il Cinema Italiano! New Linguistic Tendencies And The Language Of Contemporary Italian Comedy. Spring 2015

McCreary, Anne M. Development Director, College of Fine Arts, The University of Texas at Austin. Women in Circulation: Tracing Women and Words in Medieval Literary Economies - Spring 2014

Megharbi, Nora. An Acquisition of the Perfective/Imperfective Aspectual Distinction in French: Output-Based Instruction vs. Processing Instruction. Spring 2007

Mignot, Charles A. Professor of Practice in French, Tulane University. The Semantic Import of the French Preposition à 'At/To' in Verbal Argument Alternations. Spring 2013

Monty, Julie A. French Teacher, Carl Hayden Community High School, Pheonix, AZ. Textualizing the Future: Godard, Rochefort, Beckett, and Dystopian Discourse. Fall 2006

Myers, Lindsy L. Associate Teaching Professor and Coordinator, The University of Missouri at Kansas City. WH-Interrogatives in Spoken French: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Their Form and Function. Summer 2007

Oprea, Megan. Managing Editor for the Texas National Security Review. The Language Attitudes of Second-Generation North Africans in France: The Effects of Islam, National Identity and Proficiency. Summer 2015

Paik, Jee G. Lecturer, The University of California at Santa Cruz. Expressing Emotions in a First and Second Language: Evidence From French and English. Fall 2010

Parent, Sabrina. Associate Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles. West African Representations of World War II: Rewriting Thiaroye. Fall 2008

Pellet, Stephanie H. Associate Professor, Wake Forest University. The Development of Competence in French Interlanguage Pragmatics: The Case of the Discourse Marker Donc. Fall 2005

Post, Rebekah The impact of communication mode and social factors on the use of French in code-switching by young adult speakers of Moroccan Arabic. Spring 2015

Rabatin, Matthew. Senior Program and Outreach Coordinator at the Center for European Studies , The University of Texas at Austin. O, Partigiano, Portami Via! Men, Sexuality and the Italian Resistance. Spring 2016

Reichle, Robert V. Director of Undergraduate Research at The University of Texas at Austin. Syntactic Focus Structure Processing: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence from L1 and L2 French. Fall 2008

Rey, Cécile H. Assistant Professor, University of Virginia. Planning Language Practices and Representations of Identity Within the Gallo Community in Brittany: A Case of Language Maintenance. Fall 2010

Schleppe, Beatriz. Empowering New Identities in Postcolonial Literature by Francophone Women Writers. Spring 2003

Shariat, Mehrak. Linguistic Politeness in Medieval French. Fall 2012

Shoemaker, Ellenor M. Adjunct Associate Professor of French and Director of Lyon Summer Program, The University of Texas at Austin. Acoustic Cues to Speech Segmentation in Spoken French: Native and Non-Native Strategies. Spring 2009

Skidmore, Melissa E. Lecturer, The University of Texas at Austin. Consuming Cultures: The Culinary Poetics of Francophone Women's Literature. Spring 2005

Troyansky Dow, Anna. Mother Daughter Tongue: the Language Use of North African Women in France. Summer 2016

(Wright) Robinson, Meredith N. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, France. Tras a Memwa: The Emergence and Development of French Carribean Cinema. Spring 2010


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