The Department of French and Italian

French & Italian Graduate Student Organization

FIGSO is the student-led French and Italian Graduate Student Organization. They host several events during the academic year including a Working Papers Series where graduate students from our department can present work pertaining to French or Italian linguistics, literature, film, and culture. In the Fall and Spring, the Lecture Series invites scholars from around the country to host talks and workshops on topics in French linguistics, French literature, and Italian studies. In the Spring, we present our annual French play performed by French students at UT. We will also screen French films for the Film Series to be held throughout the year. Lastly, we will participate in Explore UT, where our graduate students run the French and Italian booth.

Check our departmental events calendar for upcoming FIGSO activities!

2021-2022 FIGSO Officers

President: Rachel Poulin
Vice-President: Arianna Avalle
Treasurer: Arianna Avalle

Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid (GAFA) Committee Student Representative: 
Molly Deaver

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) Student Representative: 
Molly Deaver 

Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Representative: 
Kevin Nonin 

Working Papers Series:
Liron Shlesinger, Laurie Giuliani, Valentin Duquet
Workshop Committee:
Noémie Hamaide, Liron Shlesinger, Dylan Gilbert

Speaker Series French Linguistics:
Marylise Rilliard, Lamia Trifi
Speaker Series Italian Studies:
Valerio Rossi
Speaker Series French Studies:
Kevin Nonin, Molly Deaver

Undergraduate Research Coordinator French:
Tracey Adams, Kevin Nonin
Undergraduate Research Coordinator Italian:
Dylan Gilbert

Social Events & Wellness Committee Coordinators:
Noemie Hamaide, Magda Collazo, Lamia Trifi
Film series Committee:
Claudia Pisano, Karine Macarez, Heather Sanders, Kate Nelson
Retention and Recruitment (Explore UT):
Kate Nelson


2020-2021 FIGSO Officers

President, Valerio Rossi
Vice President, Andrea Blatz
Treasurer, Valentin Duquet

Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid (GAFA) Committee Student Representative
• Sarah Le Pichon

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) Student Representatives
• Sarah Le Pichon

Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Representative
• Dylan Gilbert

French Play Committee
• Amelia Wells

Working Papers Series
• Molly Deaver
• Lamia Trifi
• Dylan Gilbert

 Speaker Series--French Linguistics, French Studies, Italian Studies
• Liron Shlesinger
• Kevin Nonin & Emily Martin
• Vanessa Fanelli

Explore UT Coordinator
• Liron Shlesinger & Molly Deaver

Graduate Student Recruitment Hospitality
• Arianna Avalle

Undergraduate Research Coordinator--French, Italian
• Rachel Poulin
• Claudia Pisano & Magda Collazo Simonet

Social Events Coordinators and Wellness Committee
• Marylise Rilliard
• Arianna Avalle

French Undergraduate Liaison Committee

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