The Department of French and Italian

Pasquale Palmieri

Ph.D. Candidate, OGS Fellow


Early Modern History and Culture, Book History and Print Culture, Early Modern Italian Literature, Eighteenth-Century European Culture


Pasquale Palmieri’s research method combines the historical approach with a strong tendency to address theoretical questions in an interdisciplinary framework. His research interests include early modern European and Italian history and culture, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between religion and politics. He also works on eighteenth-century Italian novel, print culture and book history.

His most recent book, La santa, i miracoli e la Rivoluzione. Una Storia di politica e devozione (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2012) focuses on the sensational case of Teresa Margaret Redi, a young Carmelite nun who died in Florence in 1770 at the age of 23. In Tuscany and in neighboring territories, the fame of the young woman began to grow by the end of the year of her death. Her corpse had shown no signs of decomposition, thus stirring up popular interest in the prodigious event was not difficult. This was only the beginning of an unfolding story, destined to be marked by resounding developments that would divert the attention of an entire era away from other issues.



- La santa, i miracoli e la Rivoluzione. Una storia di politica e devozione, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2012  ISBN 978-88-15-24107- 8

- I taumaturghi della società. Santi e potere politico nel secolo dei Lumi, Roma Viella, 2010 ISBN 978-88-8334-437-4


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- “Isabella’s Truth. Pretense of Holiness between Propaganda and Literary Inventions”, Le verità di Isabella. I falsi santi fra giustizia, propaganda e invenzioni letterarie (Napoli, 1755-1782), in «Atti dell'Accademia roveretana degli Agiati», a. 265, 2015, pp. 103-130. ISSN 0365-0081

- Dal terremoto aretino alle eruzioni vesuviane: letture religiose della catastrofe fra XVIII e XIX secolo, in «Dimensioni e problemi della ricerca storica», Rome, Carocci, 2014, pp. 225-250. ISSN 1125-157X

- Protecting the Faithful City. Disasters and the Cult of the Saints (Naples, 1575-1587), in P. Palmieri, C. De Caprio, D. Cecere, L. Gianfrancesco (ed. by). Disaster Narratives in Early Modern Naples, Politics, Communication and Culture, Rome, Viella (in press).


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