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Français interactif's new online textbook

Wed, April 22, 2009

Who knew where it would lead when Karen Kelton and colleagues at the Texas Language Technology Center (TLTC) won 1st place at DIIA's inaugural Innovative Instructional Technology Awards Program (IITAP) in 1997 Kelton's group had developed a CD--remember them?--to accompany the Prentice Hall textbook Parallèles: Communication et culture. Their work was a pioneering effort to exploit emerging technology to support pedagogy by encouraging innovative teaching to encourage active learning.

From that so-20th century beginning, Kelton and colleagues in the Department of French and Italian have been among the leaders in making the connection to 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. The latest to benefit from Kelton's work are her students in first-semester French, who may now choose to purchase their text Français Interactif online, in black and white for $12.50 or in color for $50. Students may order directly from online publisher or download pdf files chapter by chapter from the Qoop Web site. A pilot project this spring, the online book from will be used in all first-semester courses in the fall.

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