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 Lindsey Marincasiu, Class of 2017

Sciences Po Paris Class of 2019

"I am originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I also lived for some time in Charleston, South Carolina. Before my senior year of high school, I worked for a summer in Rennes, France as a jeune fille au pair. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2017 with a double major in French and Government. During that time, I also studied abroad in Geneva and I used these credits with my AP test scores to graduate in two years. After that, I chose to attend Sciences Po in Paris to get a Master’s degree in International Security with concentrations in Diplomacy and the Middle East. As part of the program, I am taking one semester to work as an intern for the State Department at the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia for the Regional Security Office. In Paris, I also worked for the French Association for the United Nations, which was also a really great experience as all my bosses were former or current ambassadors who have helped me out a lot in my career search. I will graduate school in the Spring of 2019, and I am looking at work as a diplomat, special agent, or in the intelligence field. I might also work for the United Nations in Geneva or Italy since I absolutely love living in Europe (and I want to learn Italian as my next language).

As a side note, I highly recommend graduate school. There are so many good career opportunities that come out of it, and for me it has been the perfect stepping stone for discovering the kinds of jobs I am most suited for and interested in. I’ve also learned from so many amazing professors and practitioners at Sciences Po (ambassadors, generals, one former Foreign Minister, lawyers who helped create the International Criminal Court…crazy stuff). It also gives you the opportunity to discover what living and working in Europe is like (if you choose to come here), and gives you a window to continue working with a year-long work visa after you graduate. Also, my French has really improved since I’ve been in Paris, and I have to thank Mme Pelletier, the best French professor I’ve ever had, for all her help in getting me to where I am now, for teaching me French and for all those recommendation letters."

Amber Sweatt, Class of 2016

"My years in the French department at UT Austin were easily the richest and most formative years of my intellectual development thus far. During my final year, I was able to do an independent research project and thesis on Simone de Beauvoir’s theory, which catalyzed my interest in literary research. Upon the completion of my degree, UT’s French Department directed me towards the Institute for Field Education program and was generous enough to help me fund a 6-month appointment in the Contemporary History department at L’Université de Paris, Sorbonne IV. After my time at the Sorbonne, I used my French abilities by serving as a high school teaching assistant in Aubervilliers, a city in the Parisian periphery; said experience introduced me to teaching as well as sociological and anthropological considerations as an adjunct to literary studies. Since then, I’ve started my doctoral degree at Berkeley, and am continuing to study trends introduced to me in the comfort of Homer Rainey!" 

Christine Dang, Class of 2016

"I am originally from Houston, Texas.  After majoring in Biochemistry and French and graduating from UT Austin in 2016, I went to medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX. Since beginning medical school, I have been studying the basic and clinical sciences and have been applying this knowledge in my different clinical rotations such as pediatrics, psychiatry and general surgery. This January, I will be participating in the International Medical Exchange Program between UTSW and Paris Descartes Faculté de Medecine and will be able to work alongside French medical students in the emergency room and intensive care units. I am looking forward to brushing up on my French and learning more about what medicine in France is like! While I am not sure what medical specialty I want to pursue or how I want to integrate global health into my career in the future, I am certain that I would like to integrate volunteer work into my medical practice and work with my community."

Robert Horn, Class of 2015

"As an undergraduate student at UT in the Business Honors Program and the Finance department, I sought a creative outlet to supplement my business-oriented curriculum.  Consequently, I chose to minor in French because of the incredibly skilled faculty and the amazing peers that were in the department with me.  During my sophomore year in the French department, I was selected to study abroad through a faculty-led program in Lyon, France, which was a hugely beneficial experience that marked my time at UT more than anything else.  Upon returning to Austin for my junior year, I had the opportunity to personalize my upper-division coursework based on my interests.  As such, one of the most rewarding classes I took was an art history course taught entirely in French.  After graduating from UT in 2015, I began work as a forensic consultant for an international consulting firm, and my education through the French department continues to augment my business degrees by giving me the opportunity to contribute to international casework that requires French knowledge."



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