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Language majors are full participants and important contributors in the modern world. They are global citizens. Practical and ethical global citizenship is built on knowledge of cultural and linguistic differences, and on an understanding of how values and priorities vary from one society to the next. To obtain this knowledge, you must study the language, literature, history, art, science, politics, and philosophy of nations other than your own.

In general, people with working skills in more than one language earn more, have more job options, and have more meaningful careers. Scientific research has suggested that the “bilingual advantage” extends to faster performance on complex tasks along with greater mental flexibility.

Many French majors choose a career in teaching or educational administration. Some choose graduate school in French literature or French linguistics – in recent years UT French majors have been accepted to PhD programs at Berkeley and Indiana – and go on to pursue positions in higher education. It is not uncommon for French majors to obtain advanced degrees in international business or international law. French graduates often find rewarding jobs in the travel industry, banking, translating, publishing, government, and foreign service. For more information, click here

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