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Sound Research in Urban Geography by Dr. Torsten Wissmann

Urban places as understood through sounds

Fri, February 17, 2012 | GRG 102

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sound Research in Urban Geography by Dr. Torsten Wissmann

When you are in an urban landscape you experience sound. The point seems to be self-evident, but it becomes especially interesting when conceptualizing the city as place. This talk by Dr. Torsten Wissmann presumes that no definition of urban places can exclude sounds experienced by the urban dweller.

While the visual element of the city is a part of the standard urban vocabulary, sound has long been neglected in the study of urban experience. Traffic, music, language, and nature, as primary examples, help to create unique soundscapes essential to the place-based character of each city.

This talk by visiting scholar Torsten Wissmann outlines a framework for sound research in urban geography and provide examples of research he has have conducted within this structure, which are all part of a larger research project.

Project sites to be discussed include Lisbon, London, Frankfurt, and Valletta (Malta), while the subject matter ranges from on-site measurements to the construction of audio tours for local tourism. The applicability of this research to his current project of experienced and represented sound in Austin, Texas, will also be considered.

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