Department of Geography and the Environment

Colloquium: Professor Charles Porter

Fri, September 20, 2013 | CLA 0.128

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Colloquium: Professor Charles Porter

The Department of Geography and the Environment is pleased to present visiting speaker Professor Charles Porter for our Fall 2013 Colloquium series. This event is open to the public. For more information call (512)232-1595 or email Madeline Enos at




Prelude to Community: Water Development in Spanish Colonial Texas

Spanish ideas that water was a common resource owned by the King held in trust for the people to be used by everyone and administered with justice for everyone constituted the ethical cornerstone for development and survival of the far frontier fledgling communities north of the Rio Grande. Mutual dependence upon shared water forged a sense of community in the people. From the acequias built to distribute the water in San Antonio to the community wells and tanks of the Nuevo Santander Wild Horse Desert ranchos, water was the focal point, practice field, and classroom for diverse people with competing interests to learn how to live with one another in community. 


Charles Porter Summary Bio

Charles Porter is an author, speaker, Assistant Professor at St. Edward’s University, and a testifying Water Rights and Real Estate expert nationwide having been named an expert in over 350 court and arbitration cases since 1987. 

He is the award winning author of books and journal articles such as:

  • The 2011San Antonio Conservation Society Publication Award and the 2011Texas Old Missions and Forts Restoration Association Book Award for outstanding published book contributing to a better understanding of Spanish Colonial Texas for Spanish Water/Anglo Water (Texas A & M Press, 2009). 
  • The Texas Catholic Historical Society’s Catholic Southwest Journal of History and Culture 2009 Robert S. Weddle Award for “Querétaro in Focus: The Franciscan Missionary Colleges and the Texas Missions.”
  • The East Texas Historical Association’s East Texas Historical Journal’s 2013 Chamberlain Award for “The History of W. A. East v. Houston and Texas Central Railway Company, 1904: Establishment of the Rule of Capture in Texas Water Law or ‘He Who Has the Biggest Pump Gets the Water’.” 

His teaching awards at St. Edward’s University include the:

  •  2013 Hudspeth Award for Innovative Teaching.
  •  2011 St. Edward’s University Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award.
  •  2011 Best Adjunct Professor of the Schools of Behavioral and Social Sciences and University Programs.  

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