Department of Geography and the Environment

Colloquium: Dr. Geraldine Pratt

Fri, October 18, 2013 | CLA 0.128

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Colloquium: Dr. Geraldine Pratt

The Department of Geography and the Environment is pleased to present visiting speaker Dr. Geraldine Pratt for our Fall 2013 Colloquium series. This event is open to the public. 

Filipina Nannies and their Children: testimonial theatre,travelling scholarship and transnational debate

The largest number of immigrants to Canada now come from the Philippines; a significant proportion come first as live-in caregivers, later sponsoring their families. The temporary labour migration program through which they come is typically thought to be among the best in the world; my research, in collaboration with the Philippine Women Centre of BC, documents some troubling long-term consequences for their children and families. The issues and problems that we identify demand a wider airing and so we have entered into a collaboration with theatre artists to create a testimonial play based entirely on verbatim transcripts of research interviews. Our goal is to put disparate experiences of care and need into dialogue and to stimulate wider public debate. In 2009 Nanay: a testimonial play was premiered at Vancouver’s PuSH International Performing Arts Festival and then presented at the Hebbel am Ufer Theatre in Berlin. As we prepare to take the play to PETA Theatre in Manila in November of this year we are grappling with the challenges of transnational translation and the fact that the same migration experience can look and be thought about differently from different locations. I share some of our deliberations and present several scenes and strategies through which we hope to move Nanay into a new emotional and political terrain. Transnational encounters always run the risk of retracing colonial and neocolonial trajectories; we are alert to these risks.

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