Department of Geography and the Environment

Visiting Geographer: Dr. Rajagopal

Wed, April 16, 2014 | CLA 1.302E

11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Dr. Raj Rajagopal is a distinguished scholar of Hydrology, India, and Sustainability, and Professor of Geography at the University of Iowa. Dr. Rajagopal will be giving two Brown Bag presentations-


The first presentation:


A seminar on Search and Screening as Research Strategies in Environmental Sciences and Geography

Dr. R.  Rajagopal,

The University of Iowa, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences and International Development

Wednesday, April 16

11:30 AM

CLA 1.302E 


The second presentation:


A Value Proposition for Studying Abroad – Changing perspectives

Dr. R. Rajagopal,

Founder/Director, India Winterim Program,

Professor of Geography and International Studies, The University of Iowa

Wednesday, April 16

12:55 PM

CLA 1.302E


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R. Rajagopal, Professor

Department of Geography

The University of Iowa


Professor Rajagopal’s Biosketch


Dr. R. Rajagopal has been in the US for 45 years and has served/serving as a professor of Environment, Geography, and International Studies at the University of Washington, Duke University, and the University of Iowa (from 1979 to current). He is a distinguished teacher, researcher, and a mentor. He has organized and directed over 150-200 workshops and seminars on topics in environmental science, economics, entrepreneurship, technology, and policy; risk assessment; ground-water protection; information analysis and systems integration; Indian performing arts; and problem-solving, creativity, and innovation to over 10,000 people in academe, government, non-profit organizations and industry. 


He has been invited to serve as a nominator for the annual Japan Prize (Japanese equivalent of the Nobel), since its inception in 1985.He is the founding editor of the journal “Environmental Practice” (formerly known as the “The Environmental Professional”) currently published by the Cambridge University Press. He grew up in Bombay and completed his PhD from the University of Michigan.  


Current Interests in Education, Research, and Entrepreneurship?

Over the last eight years, he has designed and put into operation an India Educational Program in the US that has provided transformative learning experiences and opportunities for social and business entrepreneurial education for over 800 students and 40-50 US faculty. This is one of the largest of such programs in the US.

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