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Photo of Paul C. Adams

Paul C. Adams

Professor |
512-232-1599 |
RLP 3.704

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Place Images in the Media, Technologically-Mediated Gathering, Topologies of Communication, Geopolitical Discourses, Formation of Subjectivity

Photo of Timothy Beach

Timothy Beach

Professor - C. B. Smith, Sr., Centennial Chair |
(512) 232-2064 |
RLP 3.306

Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Interests: Geoarchaeology, Soil Geomorphology, and Paleoenvironments of the Maya World and Mediterranean

Photo of William E. Doolittle

William E. Doolittle

Professor - Erich W. Zimmermann Regents Professor in Geography |
RLP 3.718

Education: Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, Ph.D. H.C. Stockholms Universitet

Photo of Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach

Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach

Professor--Raymond Dickson Centennial Professor #1; Founding Director, Water Quality & Environ. Hydro. Lab; Past President, American Association of Geographers |
512-232-1583 |
RLP 3.702

Education: Ph.D., University of Minnesota-Minneapolis

Interests: Geoarchaeology; Hydrology and Water Quality; Geomorphology; Spatial Statistics; Gender, Science, and Human Rights; Mesoamerica; Mediterranean and Near East; Iceland.

Photo of Kenneth R. Young

Kenneth R. Young

Professor |
512-232-8311 |
RLP 3.706

Education: Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder

Interests: Biogeography; Landscape Ecology; Climate Change; Sustainability; Tropical Environments

Associate Professors

Photo of Eugenio Arima

Eugenio Arima

Associate Professor |
512-471-0714 |
RLP 3.416

Education: Ph.D., Michigan State University

Interests: Human-environment interactions, land change science, GIS/Science, applied quantitative methods, Latin America.

Photo of Kelley A. Crews

Kelley A. Crews

Associate Professor & Graduate Advisor |
RLP 3.708

Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Interests: Muddy Boots Remote Sensing, Land Change Science, & Healthy Socio-ecological Systems in Developing States

Photo of Gregory W. Knapp

Gregory W. Knapp

Associate Professor and Director, Sustainability Studies |
512.232.1588 |
RLP 3.712

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison

Interests: Adaptive dynamics, cultural landscapes, archaeology, and sustainability of Andean agriculture; regional identities, ethnogeography, linguistic geography and ethnic territoriality; mapping; modernization as contextualized in historical cultural ecology and feminist political ecology; history of geographic thought; Latin America.

Photo of Jennifer A. Miller

Jennifer A. Miller

Associate Professor, Honors Advisor, Director of GIScience Center, Associated Faculty, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences |
512-232-1587 (prefer contact through email) |
RLP 3.428

Education: Ph.D., San Diego State University/UC-Santa Barbara

Interests: GIScience, Movement pattern analysis, Spatial statistics, Biogeography

Photo of Carlos E. Ramos Scharrón

Carlos E. Ramos Scharrón

Associate Professor |
512-232-2067 |
RLP 3.406

Education: Ph.D., Colorado State University

Interests: Hydro-geomorphology; terrestrial carbon and sediment budgets; watershed analyses; land use change

Photo of Rebecca M. Torres

Rebecca M. Torres

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment |
RLP 3.426

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Davis

Interests: (Im)migration, Children/Youth Geographies, Gender, Feminist Geography, Activist/Engaged Scholarship, Mexico, Latin America

Assistant Professors

Photo of Caroline Faria

Caroline Faria

Assistant Professor |
RLP 3.414

Education: Ph.D., University of Washington, WA

Interests: Feminist political and economic geographies; feminist methodologies; Africa and the African diaspora

Senior Lecturers

Photo of Troy M. Kimmel Jr.

Troy M. Kimmel Jr.

Senior Lecturer |
512-232-1590 |
RLP 3.424

Education: B.S., Texas A&M University

Interests: Broadcast meteorology; Severe/inclement weather forecasting; Aviation meteorology


Photo of Erick Akins

Erick Akins

Lecturer |

Interests: Non-Profit Management; Grant Research, Development and Writing; Grant Management; Policy Development and Community Development

Photo of Jules R. Elkins

Jules R. Elkins


Education: Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Photo of Rich Heyman

Rich Heyman

Lecturer |
RLP 3.404

Education: Ph.D., University of Washington

Interests: Cultural Geography, Urban Geography, Critical Theory and Marxism, History of Geography, Pedagogy, Public Space

Photo of Thoralf Meyer

Thoralf Meyer

Lecturer |
RLP 3.402, also SAC 4.160

Education: Ph.D., University of Virginia

Photo of Molly Polk

Molly Polk

Associate Director of Sustainability Studies and Lecturer |
512-232-6892 |
RLP 3.430

Education: Ph.D. in Geography, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Land Change Science, Sustainability, Mountain Geography, Landscape Ecology, Conservation

Jayme Walenta

Lecturer |
RLP 3.422

Education: Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Interests: Economic Geography, Feminist Geography, Environment and Business Relations

Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Nazgol Bagheri

Nazgol Bagheri

Associate Professor of Geography, University of Texas at San Antonio

Education: Ph.D., University of Missouri–Kansas City

Interests: Urban Geography, Feminist Geography, GIScience, Middle East

Photo of David Eaton

David Eaton

Bess Harris Jones Centennial Professor in Natural Resource Policy Studies, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs |
512.471.8972 |
SRH 3.204

Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Anthony Grubesic

Anthony Grubesic

Professor and Associate Dean, School of Information

Education: PhD, Ohio State University

Photo of Steven D Hoelscher

Steven D Hoelscher

Professor, Department of American Studies |
512-232-2567 |
BUR 430

Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Photo of Paul F. Hudson

Paul F. Hudson

Associate Professor of Physical Geography, University of Leiden, Netherlands

Education: Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Interests: Fluvial geomorphology,hydrology and water resources, environmental change, land degradation, coastal plain rivers

Photo of Bella B. Jordan

Bella B. Jordan

Lecturer, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies |
512-232-9127 |
BUR 470

Education: Ph.D., UT Austin

Photo of Youjeong Oh

Youjeong Oh

Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Studies |
WCH 5.114

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Michael Shensky

GIS and Geospatial Data Coordinator |
PCL 3.317

Photo of Bjorn Sletto

Bjorn Sletto

Associate Professor of Community and Regional Planning, School of Architecture |
512.471.5153 |
SUT 3.124B

Education: Ph.D., Cornell University

Interests: Geographic Information Systems, Latin American planning and development, participatory planning, environmental and social justice, social theory

Photo of Pavithra Vasudevan

Pavithra Vasudevan

Assistant Professor, Department of African and African Diaspora Studies |
GWB 3.200

Education: Ph.D., 2018, Geography, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Photo of Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Professor and C.B. Smith Sr. Centennial Chair # 1 in US-Mexico Relations, Department of Sociology |
512.471-6302 |
RLP 3.730, SRH 3.228

Education: Ph.D., University of Liverpool

Research Fellows

Photo of Elisabeth K Butzer

Elisabeth K Butzer

Research Fellow

Education: MA, University of Chicago

Photo of Charles D Frederick

Charles D Frederick

Research Fellow

Education: PhD, University of Texas

Photo of David Guillet

David Guillet

Research Fellow

Education: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Texas

Photo of Naya Jones

Naya Jones

Community-Based Researcher and Educator

Education: PhD, Geography and the Environment, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Critical food studies; children/youth geographies; black geographies; geographies of healing and trauma; environmental knowledge; community-based scholarship; critical pedagogy; arts-based methods; Black, Xicana, and indigenous feminisms; Black Diaspora (North and Latin America)

Photo of Samantha Krause

Samantha Krause

Research Fellow

Education: Ph.D., UT Austin

Interests: Geoarchaeology, paleoclimatology, soil morphology of Central America and the southwestern US

Photo of Robert Lemon

Robert Lemon

Urban and Social Researcher

Education: MCRP, The Ohio State University; MLA, The University of California, Berkeley;, PhD, University of Texas at Austin (Geography)

Interests: Social Practices; Urban Landscape Representation; Streetscapes (Public and Semi-Public Spaces); Culinary Practices and the food system; Latino spaces

Photo of Blanca León

Blanca León

Research Fellow |
512-475-6159 |
Plant Resources Center, Main Building Rm 127, 110 Inner Campus Drive Stop F0404

Education: Ph.D., Aarhus University, Denmark

Interests: biogeography, plant conservation


Photo of Robin Doughty

Robin Doughty

Professor Emeritus |
RLP 3.502

Education: Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley

Interests: Cultural Geography; Environmental Resource Management; Landscape Ecology and Biogeography

Photo of Robert Holz

Robert Holz

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., 1963, Geography, Michigan State University

Photo of Ian Manners

Ian Manners

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., Oxford University

Photo of Francisco L. Pérez

Francisco L. Pérez

Professor Emeritus, Soils Lab Director Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley

Interests: Mountain Geoecology, Geomorphology, Vegetation Ecology, Soils

Photo of Leo E. Zonn

Leo E. Zonn


Education: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: Representation and Media, Especially Cinema, Geographies of Popular Culture

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