Department of Geography and the Environment

Soils and Sediments Lab

CLA 0.204

Principal Investigator: Dr. Edgardo M. Latrubesse – Professor
Lab Manager/Technician: Dr. Samia Aquino da Silva

The lab, certified by the USDA, is designed primarily for preparation, processing and analysis of sediments and soils.  The processing lab allows for the examination of a diverse array of physical and chemical properties, including particle-size distribution by laser light-scattering with a laser granulometer Analyzette 22 (Laser Diffraction-Analyzete 22), sieving, fine-particle fraction by hydrometer, organic matter content by dry combustion (LOI), soil moisture level, water-retention capacity by pressure plate chamber, organic matter sample preparation for pollen, charcoal, and others. The lab counts with fume hoods, analytical balances, muffles, ovens, etc. The microscope/computer section allows for microscopic examination of sediment and soil structure and petrographic analysis of thin sections. The laboratory also includes a diversity of equipment for pedological field sampling, topographic surveying, as well as instructional equipment for environmental education. Field equipment is complemented with a Piston core and a vibracore to drill Quaternary sediments, water, sediment samplers, magnetic susceptibilimeter, digital sediment colour, among others. Geophysics equipment for rivers, lakes and marine environments include a Bathy 2010 bathymetric sub-bottom profiler of dual frequency, an acoustic Doppler Profiler-ADCP RDI-Rio Grande of 1200 KHz, a Side Scan Sonar SYQWEST, a Single Bean Echo Sound, among others. 

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