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Samantha Krause

Research FellowPh.D., UT Austin

Samantha Krause



Geoarchaeology, paleoclimatology, soil morphology of Central America and the southwestern US


Samantha Krause received her BS in Geology from the University of Mary Washington and her MS in GIS from Florida State University. She has worked in southern New Mexico as a CRM archaeologist and as a staff member for the Maya Research Program in Belize since 2009. Additionally she taught 100-200 level Geology classes for New Mexico State University, Alamogordo campus from 2012-2014. She is especially passionate about ancient environments and hopes to utilize geological and archaeological methods to help model past climates and anthropogenic change in Central America and the American Southwest.


GRG 333K • Climate Change

36992 • Spring 2019
Meets MW 1:00PM-2:30PM GAR 2.128

Course Description:

This course will survey the causes of changes in climatic systems over both short and long time periods and their consequences for landscape dynamics, biogeography, land use, sustainability, and vulnerability. The first part of the course will introduce the study of climates from an earth systems approach. Implications of differences in climate for carbon, biodiversity, and humans will be discussed. The second part of the course will look at historical and current climate change trends and controls worldwide, including coverage of the different scientific methods used for studies of these processes. We will build towards developing the expertise to critically evaluate future climate scenarios using environmental and socio-ecological approaches.

Students are expected to read the assigned readings and participate actively in class. The exams will test knowledge, vocabulary, and ability to explain and apply information.  The class projects and writing assignment will work on the ability to synthesize and communicate on scientific issues associated with climate change.


Assumes background from GRG 301C, GRG 301K, or an equivalent course.

GRG 339 • Process Geomorphology

37135 • Fall 2018
Meets MW 8:30AM-10:00AM RLP 1.404

Analysis of geomorphic processes and their effects on landform development. 

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing, and credit or registration for Geography 301C or Geological Sciences 401.

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