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Photo of Jedidiah Dale

Jedidiah Dale

Graduate student

Education: BA Earth Science, University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Geomorphology, geoarchaeology, remote sensing, Historical Ecology of the Pre-Columbian world

Photo of William Delgado

William Delgado

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Environmental Policy, Georgetown University

Interests: Water Resources, Water Desalination, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Arid Climates, Public Infrastructure

Photo of Audrey Denvir

Audrey Denvir

Graduate student

Education: PhD, UT Austin

Photo of Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond

Doctoral Candidate

Education: M.S. Entomology, University of California, Davis

Interests: Conservation Biogeography, Environmental Justice, Gender and Conservation, Tropical Ecology, Environmental Policy, Amazon Basin, Indigenous Rights, Sustainable Development, Political Ecology

Photo of Leila Donn

Leila Donn

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Geology, Sewanee: The University of the South

Interests: Geomorphology, soils, karst, human-environment interaction

Photo of Colin Doyle

Colin Doyle

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Environmental Biology, Georgetown University

Interests: Plant-soil interactions, hydrology, geomorphology, remote sensing, GIS, sustainable development

Photo of Sisimac Duchicela

Sisimac Duchicela

Doctoral Candidate |
RLP 3.306, Cubicle #23

Education: B.S. Biology, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador; M.S. Conservation Ecology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Interests: Biogeography, Land Change Science, Ecology of Alpine Vegetation, Human-Environment Interactions, Mountain Ecosystems

Photo of Amelia Eisenhart

Amelia Eisenhart

Doctoral Student |
SAC 4.160

Education: MS Geoscience, Graduate GIS Certificate, BS Biology: Conservation, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Interests: Human-environment interactions, remote sensing, human rights, migratory populations, pastoralism, violent conflict and the environment, indigenous livelihoods, dynamic spatial modeling, science communication

Photo of Aaron Groth

Aaron Groth

Ph.D. Student / Graduate Teaching Assistant |
CLA 3.400A (TA lounge) desk 14

Education: MA Geography, University of Missouri-Columbia

Interests: Human-Environment Interactions, Indigenous and Resource Dependent Communities, Cultural/Political Ecology, Conservation, Latin America

Photo of Brendan Hoover

Brendan Hoover

Doctoral Student, Research Assistant |
SAC 4.160

Education: Doctoral Student, The University of Texas

Interests: GIS, Remote Sensing, Movement Ecology, Trajectory Analysis (Human and Animal)

Photo of Daniel Levine

Daniel Levine

Graduate student |
CLA 3.420

Education: B.S. Environmental Science (Geographical Sciences), University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Vegetation Ecology, Remote Sensing, Savannas, Central Texas, Botswana

Photo of Alexander Marden

Alexander Marden

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Geography, Pennsylvania State University

Interests: Vegetation ecology, conservation, human-environment interactions, remote sensing, savanna ecosystems

Photo of Preston McLaughlin

Preston McLaughlin

Graduate Student / Teaching Assistant |
3.400B/Workstation #14

Education: B.A. Geography, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Hydro-Geomorphology, Sediment Transport, Land Use Change, Human-Environment Interactions, Coastal Processes, GIS

Photo of Francisco Ochoa

Francisco Ochoa

Graduate student

Education: BA Geography, History and Latin American Studies, UT Austin

Interests: Environmental Biophysics, Evapotranspiration, Remote Sensing, Fire, Climate Change

Photo of Moulay Anwar Sounny-Slitine

Moulay Anwar Sounny-Slitine

Doctoral Student |
512-863-1646 |
SAC 4.178

Education: BA, BSCE, MA, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: GIScience, Remote Sensing, Geomorphology, Neogeography, Geomorphometry, LiDAR, Hydrology, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development

Photo of Kaitlin Tasker

Kaitlin Tasker

Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin

ktasker AT utexas DOT edu |
CLA 3.306

Education: B.S. Environmental Biology, Tulane University

Interests: human-environment interactions, human dimensions of natural resources, land use change, GIS, applied quantitative methods, conservation incentives, ecosystem services, visual representation of complex information

Photo of Greta Wells

Greta Wells

Doctoral Candidate |
CLA 3.400

Education: B.A. Geology; French Studies, Colby College

Interests: Glacial lake outburst floods; glacial geomorphology; hydrochemistry; Quaternary paleoenvironmental change; Arctic and alpine environments; Iceland

Photo of Anais Zimmer

Anais Zimmer

Ph.D. Student

Education: M.S. Environmental Science & Resource Management, National School of Agricultural Science and Engineering, France

Interests: Biogeography, Alpine ecosystem and Periglacial Landscapes, Plant Ecology, Soil, Remote Sensing, Human-Environment Interactions, Tropical Andes, Alps

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