Department of Geography and the Environment

Daniel Silva

M.A. in Geography, University of Texas at Austin

Doctoral Student
Daniel Silva



Land change science, environmental economics, conservation policy


Since 2010 working at policy-oriented institutions in Brazil, such as IUCN, Imazon, Ipam, PUC/CSrio. In recent years, I have conducted research on drivers of deforestation, environmental compliance, agricultural performance, forest restoration, and rural credit. Author and co-author of publications, such as technical reports, policy briefs and papers.


Selected publications:

Nunes, S., Gastauer, M., Cavalcante, R., Ramos, S., Caldeira, C., Silva, D., Rodrigues, R., Salomão, R., Oliveira, M., Souza-Filho, P., Siqueira, P. (2020). Challenges and opportunities for large-scale reforestation in the Eastern Amazon using native species. Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 466, 2020, 118120, ISSN 0378-1127.

Niemeyer, J., Barros, F., Silva, D., Crouzeilles, R., Vale, M. (2020). Planning forest restoration within private land holdings with conservation co-benefits at the landscape scale. Science of the Total Environment.

Stabile, M.C.C., Guimarães, A.L., Silva, D.S., Ribeiro, V., Macedo, M.N., Coe, M.T., Pinto, E., Moutinho, P., Alencar, A. (2019). Solving Brazil's land use puzzle: Increasing production and slowing Amazon deforestation. Land Use Policy.

Latawiec, A., Strassburg, N., Silva, D., Alves-Pinto, H., Feltran-Barbieri, R., Castro, A., Iribarrem, A., Rangel, M., Kalif, K., Gardner, T., Beduschi, F. 2017. Improving land management in Brazil: A perspective from producers. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Volume 240, March 01 2017, Pag. 276-286.

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