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Research Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Miller

Wed, September 1, 2010
Research Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Miller

Dr. Jennifer A. Miller has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant for her project titled ‘Spatial autocorrelation and species distribution models: analyzing the effects of spatial structure, sampling strategy, statistical methods, and scale using simulated data’. The three year grant addresses the general research question how does spatial autocorrelation affect species distribution models? by using multi-resolution simulated distribution maps and novel assessment measures.  
The result will be a framework that can be used by researchers and resource managers to, for example:
• Identify appropriate statistical methods for use when data have a specific spatial structure;
• Understand how the spatial scale of environmental variables interacts with SAC;
• Understand how certain methods or spatial structure will affect mapped predictions;
• Understand how different spatial structures affect model coefficient estimates.


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