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UT Faculty and Graduate Students Speak at AAG National Conference

Tue, April 9, 2013
UT Faculty and Graduate Students Speak at AAG National Conference

Faculty and Graduate Students are representing UT’s Department of Geography and the Environment this week at the AAG National Meeting Association of American Geographers' Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California. They are joined by fellow geographers, GIS specialists, environmental scientists, and other leaders for the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability, and GIScience. The meeting will be held from April 9 to April 13, 2013, and will feature over 6,000 presentations, posters, workshops, and field trips by leading scholars, experts, and researchers. UT Faculty and Grad Students will be presenting on the following topics:

Tuesday 4/9/13

Niti Mishra
Remote Sensing Specialty Group Student Honors Paper Competition II

Bill Doolittle
Land Systems Science Symposium: Mapping Global Agricultural History - Understanding the Past for modeling the Future

Paul Adams
Who Speaks for the Climate: Author Meets Critics

Ken Young
Land Systems Science Symposium: Case Studies - Latin America

Eugenio Arima
Land Systems Science Symposium: Case Studies - Amazonia

Matt LaFevor
People and Plants: Sustainable Use, Valuation, and Conservation of Natural Resources, including Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)

Robert Bean
Fluvial Geomorphology II

Josh Rudow
Land Use Adaptation To Climate Change

Wednesday 4/10/13

Paul Holloway

GISS Specialty Group Honors Competition for Student Papers on Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Xuebin Yang
Remote Sensing and Change Analysis

Ken Young
NSF Unplugged: What is the Real Story Behind a Winning Proposal?

Molly Polk
Mixed Methods and Hybrid Epistemologies in Climate Change Research I

Jennifer Miller
Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining & Visualization (5): Movement Pattern Analysis

Kelley Crews
Urbanization, Agricultural Intensification, and Habitat Alteration in Vietnam: Modeling Transitional Development and Emerging Infectious Diseases: Part II

Sara Diamond
Human-Environment Geographies

Kelley Crews
Workshop 22. Speed-Dating with an NSF Program Officer
Workshop 23. Proposal-Writing Strategies for the NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences Program

Greg Knapp
Geography in the Americas: Making the Most of Student Exchanges for Research and Study Abroad

Thursday 4/11/13

Naya Jones
Critical Participatory Action Research and Feminist Geography

Edward Park
Remote Sensing Applications in Coastal and Wetlands

Paul Adams
Geographies of Media IV: Representing and Performing Nature

Paul Adams
Conflict and Communication

Paul Adams
Geographies of Social Media and VGI

Paul Adams
Geographies of Media V: Author Meets Critics - Google and the Culture of Search by Ken Hillis

Ken Young
Mapping Extractive Industries and Livelihoods II

Ipsita Chatterjee
Comparative Policy Analysis 2

Kelley Crews
Workshop 25. Proposal-Writing Strategies for NSF Faculty Early-Career Development (CAREER) Awards

Kelley Crews
Land Systems Science Symposium: Issues in Land Systems Science II

Kelley Crews
Workshop 26. Speed-Dating with an NSF Program Officer

Thomas Christiansen
Remote Sensing and Vegetation

Leigh Schwartz
Geographies of Media VII: Social Media, New Media, & Video Games

Friday 4/12/13

Justin Laue
Land Change Modeling: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications

Jonathan Lowell
Religion and Social Change

Paul Adams
Geographies of Media X: Media, Art, & Activism
Map Design and Neocartography III

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