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Research Spotlight: Dr. Rebecca Torres

Tue, May 28, 2013
Research Spotlight: Dr. Rebecca Torres
Participatory appraisal workshops with migrant family members in Veracruz Mexico (Torres and Carte, 2013)

Dr. Rebecca Torres’ Latino Migrations, Rural Transformations and Development project integrates research, education and community engagement focusing on understanding the socio-spatial, economic, agricultural, cultural and political transformations related to Latino transnational migration in both new rural sending and receiving communities in Mexico and the U.S. South.  Project activities have included mixed methods field studies in Veracruz, the Yucatán, Michoacán and North Carolina; collaborative research and education initiatives with US-based NGOs and public schools; community workshops with Mexican sending communities; an international conference on migration and rural development; and new migration courses.  The research component, through theoretically grounded multi-sited ethnography of new geographies of Latino transnational migration aims:

1) To discern the distinct place-specific ways in which transnational migration emerges as a consequence, response, or adaptation to neoliberal policies and practices at multiple scales;

2) To comprehend the everyday ways in which different embodied individuals (i.e. distinguished by gender, ethnicity, class, age, etc.) experience, negotiate, resist, enact and adapt to neoliberalism and migration;

and 3) To examine critically current migration and development discourse and policy while illustrating the importance of integrating the specificities and differences of place, scale, gender and race/ethnicity in envisaging future alternatives.  

The project has been supported by an NSF Early CAREER Award (#0547725 and #1005927), among other university and external grants.  To read more about this project see the Latino Migrations Web Page. To learn more about Dr. Torres' reserch, visit her faculty profile.

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