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Josh Rudow Investigates Environmental Change in the Rio Ica Watershed

Wed, September 18, 2013
Josh Rudow Investigates Environmental Change in the Rio Ica Watershed
Josh Rudow helping farmers clean out the canal near the village of Santiago de Chocorvo.

Josh Rudow is a doctoral candidate studying agricultural adaptations to climate change within the Rio Ica watershed in southeastern Peru.  He is investigating environmental changes through remote sensing and an analysis of climate records while comparing this data to farmer strategies with interviews and surveys. Climate change is the focus of the research, but Josh is also looking at the effects of migration and invasive species on agricultural strategies. You can learn more about Josh on his website and learn about his current research on his blog.


An excerpt from his writings:

"My original research plan was to dive directly into doing farmer surveys on how climate changes are affecting their agriculture and what adaptations they apply. I quickly realized that this was ill advised. I needed to do more background research and talk to the farmers that live in these areas. I also discovered how difficult it is to determine what agricultural changes are linked to global climate change and what is caused by normal climate variability. Farmers consistently mention more intense weather patterns, but picking them out and matching them to climate records is a challenge."

"My current plan is to use the next couple of months to conduct as many interviews as possible with farmers and agricultural specialists throughout the RIWS. Once I get a better idea of the most important questions to ask I’ll develop a short survey (3-4 pages) that can be used in a larger scale to understand agricultural changes and adaptations. In many ways this feels like the hardest part of my research, but also the most rewarding because I’m learning so much everyday."



You may continue reading the post Getting set up in Ica on Josh's blog.



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