Department of Geography and the Environment

Featured Graduate Student: Kalli Doubleday

Thu, October 3, 2013
Featured Graduate Student: Kalli Doubleday

 We are happy to welcome Kalli Doubleday to the Department of Geography and the Environment. 

Kalli Doubleday is a Texas native and holds a M.A. in Geography from California State University, Long Beach and a B.A. in Geography from Texas Christian University. Her Ph.D. research interests are focused on understanding the importance of local community conservation and forest restoration efforts in the fight to keep tigers from extinction. In particular, how community leaders influence local attitudes towards protected areas, conservation, forest restoration, and activities like community forestry and community action against poachers or illegal settlers. She is being supported by a Department Fellowship for 2013-2014. 

Other research interests include: smart green infrastructure corridors for biodiversity preservation, traditional knowledge and religious influence in local conservation efforts, intersection of transnational social movements and tourism, preventative spatial separation in tiger-human conflict, and community led anti-poaching groups. For more information, please visit her Graduate Student profile.




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