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Mon, October 14, 2013
Geography Society Student Group

The Department of Geography and the Environment is happy to report that a group of passionate undergraduate geography students have revitalized the Geography Society student group, and are looking forward to an exciting year. The UT Geography Society is the official undergraduate student organization for geography majors and enthusiasts. 

For more information about UT Geography Society, please visit the UT Geography Society Facebook page, or contact Communications Director Tim Murray. Lists of Geography Internships and Volunteer Opportunities are updated regularly.

UT Geography Society Officers 2013-2014

President- Emilee Crowther

 From a young age I've had a fascination with rocks (I know, it sounds so interesting), and I've always loved nature. I am looking forward to bonding with those who love nature and culture as much as I do. As President of The Society, I will devote my all to this position. I've had over 6 years of being in various leadership positions, and through my experience, I know what it takes to keep a program organized and flourishing. The Society should be a resource for friendships, job preparation, and volunteering to better the community. Due to my background in philanthropy work, I know a lot of people in Austin who would love for us to volunteer with them, and I have great ideas for social events (Blazer Tag, Mini-Golf, Movie Night, Camping, etc.)!


Vice President- Academic and Professional Development- Rachel Snavely 

 My name is Rachel Snavely. I am a senior in geography, pursuing the GIS track and a minor in geology.  I grew up in a family of geologists, and spent a large portion of my childhood traveling around the country and learning about the natural environment. Having my parents take me on a series of never-ending, “geologic” road trips, spending each school break camping, and even just visiting my grandpa at the USGS offices in Menlo Park really sparked my love for earth sciences and the natural environment. What is even better is that in the geography department here at UT, I have the opportunity to combine all my interests into one unique and interdisciplinary field.  As a student in geography, I am constantly learning about new areas of geographic research and meeting people in the department with all sorts of academic backgrounds.  As the new Vice President of Academic and Professional Development, I hope to assist students in our department improve their awareness of career and academic opportunities in geography, and share experiences within the UT Geography community. 


Vice President Social- Nathan Garza

 The Social VP is a good fit for me because I am very passionate about geography and want more people interested in the subject.  I have many ideas on volunteer opportunities as a group, but also fun social events too- these are important to help relax from our busy schedules from time to time.  I have experience with leadership roles as well, as I was Battalion Commander of my high school's JROTC Battalion, am an Eagle Scout, and have been involved in several organizations here at UT. Too often I hear, "What exactly do you want to do with a geography degree?" or "Do you just want to teach?" A lot of young people in the US don't really know about the depth of the field, or have the opportunity to travel and enjoy the wanderlust.  If this is the way I can get people to have fun while learning a thing or two about geography, and get passionate about travel, I'll take it!  I am happy to be part of the 'founding' group that sets the society in motion on a good note.  Whether I'm planning events like the lake clean up or just a boat party on the lake, I'm glad it will be with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the world.  


Director of Communications- Tim Murray 

 I am really excited to be working as communications director for the Geography Society here at UT!  I am quite passionate about Geography, looking to explore various urban planning topics and become fluent in GIS in order to better analyze solutions for a sustainable society.  As communications director, I hope to foster growth, organization, and fun within the society.  Looking forward to a great year with like-minded Geography majors!




Treasurer- Preston Wyatt McLaughlin

 I am so happy to be elected as treasurer for the Geography Society.  I consider myself to be fiscally responsible, and detail orientated and will properly take care of our budget.  I have had experience in organizing and filing important documents while working at the university. I will be sure to keep all club expenditures correctly stored in the appropriate location.  I know that we do not have very much money to work with this year, but with your help in establishing a budget for the club, I will make it my priority to use the money to its maximum ability.  



Secretary- Sarah Price 

 I am excited about being the Secretary because I am an excellent and thorough note-taker, and am very punctual. Every meeting will be sufficiently documented and shared within a timely manner, so that those who were not able to attend will be on the same page and there will be a good record to look back on. I will help keep everyone connected by sharing important announcements with the group.



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