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Geographies of Media and Communication

Sun, March 1, 2009

The textbook systematically analyzes the relationship between geography and communication and shows how geographical approaches open up familiar and unfamiliar aspects of communication for analysis and discussion. From the invention of the telegraph to the emergence of the Internet, communications technologies have transformed the ways that people and places relate to each other. But a “medium” is much more than simply a collection of technologies. Connecting geographical ideas with communication theories such as intertextuality, audience-centered theory, and semiotics, Adams explores media representations of places, the spatial diffusion of communication technologies, and the power of communication technologies to transform places, and to dictate who does and does not belong in them.

Paul C. Adams is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Texas, Austin.

Comments on the book: "It's a great book--fresh, engaging, and smart."--John Paul Jones III, Professor and Head, Department of Geography and Regional Development, University of Arizona.

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