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Governing climate change

Wed, September 14, 2011
Governing climate change
Dr. Diana Liverman

On September 8, Dr. Diana Liverman, Co-director of the Institute of the Environment and Professor of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona, gave a talk titled "Governing Climate Change: Perspectives on and from Latin America" at the Benson Library Conference Room.

Dr. Liverman discussed her research on carbon offset and climate change adaptation projects through case studies from Latin America. Using a political ecology approach, her analysis ranged from international climate change policy to the effects of carbon offset and adaptation projects on small communities.

Dr. Liverman used case studies to describe some of the ways in which communities perceive, adapt to, and use these projects. She emphasized the need for comparative and cross-scale studies to inform the governance of carbon offset and adaptation efforts. While she stated that her political ecology approach was a useful framework for research, she questioned whether the approach was useful when discussing these issues with policymakers.

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