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River, Coastal, and Estuarine Morphodynamics: RCEM 2009

Mon, October 12, 2009
River, Coastal, and Estuarine Morphodynamics: RCEM 2009
Book Cover: rcem 2009

The River, Coastal, and Estuarine Morphdynamics (RCEM) Symposium represent a successful series of conferences that have played a key role in promoting an interdisciplinary approach to river and coastal problems. RCEM emphasizes the intersection among basic research, engineering, and environmental applications, by blending aspects from fundamentals in fluid mechanics to laboratory and field studies in river, coastal, deltaic, and estuarine mophodynamics. 

Dr. Edgardo Latrubesse along with coeditors presents the research of over 150 contributors in this book. The reserach  is invaluable to wetland ecologists interested in flow-vegetation-sediment interactions, fish biologists concerned with benthic boundary-layer flows, engineering involved in designing stream bank and bridge-pier protections against erosion and scour, geomorphologists concerned with stream naturalization and restorations, fluvial engineers involved in marinating navigation channels and performing flow measurements using the latest technologies, coastal scientist addressing the stability of tidal channels and flats, as well as to scientist interested in processes responsible for Earth-surface landscape evolution.

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