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According to the Law School Admission Council, "All [law] schools require a bachelor's degree for admission." Beyond that, law schools want students who can think critically and write well, and who have some understanding of the forces that have shaped the human experience. These attributes can be acquired in any number of college courses, whether in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, or the natural sciences. An undergraduate career that is narrowly based or vocationally oriented may not be the best preparation for law school. As long as you receive an education including critical analysis, logical reasoning, and written and oral expression, the range of acceptable college majors is very broad. What counts is the intensity and depth of your undergraduate program and your capacity to perform well at an academically rigorous level."

Geography is highly suitable as a pre-law major, since it develops critical thinking in the context of dealing with global, cultural, and environmental issues. Majors in our department have had excellent success in gaining admission to law school, especially in the area of environmental law.

Prospective lawyers should take the LSAT and have demonstrated commitment to public service, and good work experience, leadership experience, and extracurricular or community activities.

Students at UT can (and should!) take advantage of the advising services of Pre-Law Services of the Liberal Arts Career Service Center. They sponsor one of the largest Law Fairs in the nation every Fall. The Geography undergraduate advisor is also happy to help pre-law students.

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