Department of Geography and the Environment

Study Tracks in Geography

Undergraduate majors can specialize by taking courses in a concentration or "track," in addition to the geography core requirements. Concentrations may help students better define what they studied throughout their major coursework. 

Thinking about Environmental Studies?

Geographers study, map, and analyze our changing natural and social environments at a variety of scales from local to global. Concentrations (or tracks) in the B.A. in Geography include:

Besides the B.A. in Geography, the department also offers interdisicplinary majors in Urban Studies and Sustainability Studies

Students may also pursue a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science. This degree is offered with three majors by three colleges/schools:  Geography and Environment (College of Liberal Arts), Geological Sciences (Jackson School of Geosciences), and Biological Sciences (College of Natural Sciences). The three majors share a common academic core, drawing on the expertise of faculty in all three participating colleges/schools. After completing the core, students can elect to pursue the major that best fits their particular area of academic interest. For more information, please visit the Environmental Science Institute.

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