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How and where do I start?

How do I find an internship? Where do I start?

Identifying and securing an internship is an exciting adventure and you have many resources available. Finding an internship requires planning and preparation. You should begin 4-6 months in advance of your ideal start date. Here are five initial tasks to help you get started.

1) Clarify why you want an internship and what your intentions are. The Vick Center has useful questions to get you thinking about your intentions. Some other important questions to consider. 

  • Do you need a paid internship or is unpaid acceptable? Consider your financial needs. 
  • How many hours per week could you dedicate to an internship? Carefully think through your schedule and workload. 
  • Will this be in Austin? Or elsewhere? If you are planning to be enrolled in URB 360 or SUS 379L, it will need to be in Austin. 
  • Fall, Spring or Summer semester? Work with the academic advisor to determine the class that is the best fit for your internship timing. 

2) Write a resume and draft a generic cover letter. The Liberal Arts Career Services Center and the Vick Center both offer resources to craft these documents. 

3) Identify potential opportunities. Start asking around and networking. Ask your friends, family, alumnae, classmates and professors for their ideas. Research organizations that focus on issues that inspire you. Being in Austin is a benefit because it is a hotspot for organizations working on issues directly and indirectly related to geography, urban Planning and sustainability. Know that few job ads state "geographer" in their title, so be creative and challange yourself to connect your skills with opportunities. 

4) Meet with the undergraduate advisor and Dr. Molly Polk after you have identified potential opportunities. They can help you fine tune your list. 

5) Read about the many organizations where Geography, Sustainability and Urban Studies students have interned previously. See the Internships page.

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