Department of Germanic Studies

Anne Wooten

German Language & Literature B.A. from Northern Illinois University. Germanic Studies M.A from the University of Illinois at Chicago

Graduate Student, Assistant Instructor
Anne Wooten


  • Office: BUR 370
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays 12-1pm
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German Film, Queer Studies, Disability Studies, Aesthetics, Weimar Cinema, German linguistics


Anne Wooten is a PhD in Germanic Studies with interests in Queer German Film and Historical Linguistics. Her other areas of interest include queer and disability studies, aesthetics, literature, Second Language Acquisition, and German linguistics. Prior to attending UT, she completed her Masters degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Germanic Studies, at which she was a Teaching Assistant and concentrated in Early German Film. She also holds a Bachelor degree from Northern Illinois University in German Language & Literature with a minor in Spanish.


GER 506 • First-Year German I

38350 • Fall 2021
Meets MW 10:00AM-11:00AM JES A305A

Course Description

German 506, a first semester German course, assumes no prior knowledge of German. (Note: If you have prior knowledge of German, you must take a placement test before taking classes at UT.) German 506 introduces students to the language and culture of the modern German-speaking world. Every effort is made to present opportunities to use the language: for self-expression in everyday situations, for basic survival needs in German-speaking language communities, and for personal enjoyment. To this aim, lessons center on linguistic, communicative, and cultural goals.

The functional communicative approach that we take in this course—and in the larger German program at UT—focuses on learning to use basic German language forms, i.e., grammar and vocabulary, in meaningful contexts in a variety of real-life situations and across spoken and written genres. To help students develop their ability to communicate effectively in German, they are expected to come prepared for class, use German, and actively participate in pair and group activities. Students should expect to spend two hours studying for each class period in order to keep up with the pace of the class. 


Required Texts:

  1. Course textbook: Christine Anton, Tobias Barske, Jane Grabowski, & Megan McKinstry (2016). Sag mal. An Introduction to German Language and Culture. Second Edition. Vista Higher Learning.
  2. Sag mal Basic Supersite
  3. Sag mal WebSAM (Student Activities Manual)


Grading Policy

Students’ progress in the class will be assessed during the semester across the following categories:

1  Class participation assessed weekly (10%)

2  Homework (15%)

3  Short writing tasks with multiple drafts (15%)

4  Chapter tests (25%)

5  Structured reflections on learning experiences (5%)

6  Regular quizzes (10%)

7  Short collaborative video project (10%)

8  Final oral exam done in pairs (10%)


Opportunities for extra credit are available. There are no incompletes given in German 506. A grade of C or better is required to enroll in German 507 (i.e., a C- is not a passing grade).

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