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The Tunnel chronicles one of the most daring escapes to freedom. This Cold War thriller draws on the true story of the digging of a 430-foot tunnel running under the Berlin Wall right after it was built. Two men who escape with the help of secret agents turn into "tunnel rats" to rescue their beloved trapped in East Berlin.

Thu, September 20, 2007 | EP Schoch (EPS) 4.104

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The main characters are a famous German swimmer and a canny German engineer. Juicy characters abound, including some compromised East Berliners and unlikely heroes on the West side. Also incorporated into this story is an American TV news crew shooting the digging of the tunnel. Even 6 years after its production, The Tunnel still grabs the viewer in irresistible suspense--and sustains the tension for 167 minutes

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