Department of Germanic Studies

Third Annual Conference for the Center for European Studies

Current discussions within European media outlets stage "Europe" in contradictory terms of both existential crisis and of emancipatory hope. On the one hand, there is an ideological crisis in transatlantic political relations with the USA (and in relation to the Near East) especially since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq; a political crisis of legitimacy affecting the European Union (EU) especially since the failure to agree a new constitution; and a perceived cultural crisis of identity genera

Thu, April 10, 2008 | University of Texas at Austin Main Building ("Tower") 212

Making Europe/Making Europeans focuses on Europe and European citizenship as a performance and as a process in the making. We want to present the diverse European realities from a "grassroots" level, based on empirical studies and reflections on the level of face-to-face contacts and everyday activities. In other words to think critically about "the ethnographic" as a mode of enquiry and the "everyday" as an important site of understanding and theory generation. Our overall questions are:

* How does a Europe of citizens actually come into being?
* What does it mean to be European?
* What are the different ways in which Europe is both imagined and lived?
* And who is included in and who excluded from these imaginaries?

Sponsored by: Center for European Studies (see link for co-sponsors)

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