Department of Germanic Studies

Die Fälscher / The Counterfeiters (Stefan Ruzowitzky, 2007)

Deutscher Filmpreis Award Winners

Tue, April 30, 2013 | Burdine 112

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Die Fälscher
Die Fälscher

The Department of Germanic Studies and the Center for European Studies present the Spring 2013 German Film Series:

Deutscher Filmpreis Award Winners

During World War II, Jewish master forger Salomon "Sally" Sorowitsch is shielded from the atrocities of the concentration camps by agreeing to create counterfeit Allied currency for the Nazis. But soon, his conscience begins to gnaw at him. (98 min)

This film will be shown with English subtitles. Come see this award-winning film yourself!

For more information contact Holly Brining

Sponsored by: The Department of Germanic Studies and The Center for European Studies

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