Department of Germanic Studies

A Talk by Benjamin Lyngfelt - SweCxn: A Swedish Construction

Thu, April 11, 2013 | Burdine Hall 337

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

A Talk by Benjamin Lyngfelt - SweCxn: A Swedish Construction

The Swedish constructicon (SweCxn) is a database of Swedish constructions, based on principles of Construction Grammar and developed as an addition to the Swedish FrameNet. Incorporating subprojects such as developing methods for automatic identification of constructions in authentic text on the one hand, and accounting for constructions problematic for L2 acquisition on the other, the SweCxn project is highly cross-disciplinary in nature, involving specialists on (construction) grammar, lexicography, language technology, L2 research, phraseology, and semantics.

At present, SweCxn consists of about 50–100 constructions, growing continually. Eventually, it is meant to be a large-scale re-source for linguistic purposes and language technology, in the first place. In a longer perspective, the constructicon should also be applicable in educational settings. Related constructicon projects are initiated for English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese, making cross-linguistic application a main goal for future work.

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Sponsored by: The Swedish Excellence Endowment, the Department of Germanic Studies, the Department of English, the Texas Language Center

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