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Slim Susie (Ulf Malmros, 97 min, 2003, Sweden) - Scandinavian Crime Movies

Mon, October 28, 2013 | Conference Room BUR 337

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Slim Susie
Slim Susie

Slim Susie is a wonderful little gem: After his kid sister Susie goes missing, Erik returns from his life in the big city to his hometown in the sticks, and is shocked to find it's not the sleepy country village of his youth. His ne’er-do-well childhood pal Grits has become a drug-addicted pornographer; the lone cop in town can’t be bothered to investigate the case, and advises Erik to scram; and insinuations abound that the sweet kid sister Erik remembers grew up to become a not-so-innocent young woman. A blackly comedic crime film that recalls Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie in tone, but is more convincingly grounded in realistic, working-class Scandinavian society. Director: Ulf Malmros. 97 min. Sweden, 2003.

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